Couldn’t think…. The next part



  • mike said:

    I think you are right there ironHerb.
    Have you received your ticket for the spurs game in your wallet yet?

    Yes, it’s been there a while.

  • You have to monitor expired tickets as my Spurs one seemed to go straight into that file, I then extracted it.
  • Thanks, I've got it now. Had to select unhide, which I must've missed as an option before.
  • I've done the unhide bit,still not there.
    I'll wait until later on today before getting in touch with the club
  • Mike, what I did first was go back to the original e-mail to download the NFC ticket and that brought it up with the Spurs info. It was still in my expired passes though so did the unhide and it worked.

    So maybe try that?
  • I did that re added the season ticket from original E Mail and it updated , its all a bit rubbish I though it would just update automatically for every game without having to faff around each match
  • Agreed PLF. I thought the point was it just sits there the whole season. I'd actually forgotten to try and sort it until it was brought up here and you can easily end up forgetting until you're outside the stadium and can't connect to the internet. At least the previous system meant I got regular emails to remind me and could be sure it was working.
  • Thanks for your help everyone.
    I did the original email reload and it worked but as PLF said you shouldn't have to do all this faffing about.
    That's progress i suppose.....not!

  • West Ham = chopped liver?
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