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There’s an article about potential England debutants on BBC, and there’s a section that I think @MrsGrey will be particularly interested in…



  • What kind of fields, though?
  • Cow fields...fields of Herefords.
  • Did I really have to post this again?
  • I wanted to post this earlier in the year, oops last year, but if anybody still reads books - you know, those thick blocks of paper bound together with some words on a different type of paper on the front. =)

    And I'm fairly certain that Aslef (and Grey RIP) would also recommend it ;)
    "The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists" by Irish house painter and sign writer Robert Noonan, who wrote the book in his spare time under the pen name Robert Tressell.

  • The secret hills are in Hull 😉
  • Lying in the bath listening to The Chuckle Brothers aka Savage and Sutton on 606 makes you despair of the modern football fan:

    Chelsea fan who thought Lukaku should’ve played today but the agreed that Tuchel had to make a stand so he was right not to play him.

    Liverpool fan who was certain Liverpool would win more trophies if they had the same money as City ( so would Doncaster Rovers mate).

    City fan who’s convinced that City fans are not bothered about winning the Champions League.

    Just needed a Spurs fan on to say the glory days are back.

  • I heard Agbonlahor on the radio yesterday, after the match, he reckons the ball hitting the arm was accidental. In what realm is he living in? Hahaha
  • Curious what year did we have the most London clubs in the PL ?

    Assuming all the London clubs remain in the PL this season if QPR and Fulham came up ? would we have the most London clubs ever in the PL ?

    West Ham


    Has there ever been more than 8 London clubs in the PL at once ? Could be a pretty fun season next year where nearly half your games will be London Derbies.
  • Save a few quid on travel expenses.
  • 1994/95 there were seven London teams in the Premier League

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, QPR, Spurs, West Ham and Wimbledon (ground sharing at Selhurst)

    Every other season there have been 5 or 6

    In 1989/90 there were eight London clubs in the First Division

    Arsenal, Charlton Athletic, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, M......, QPR, Spurs and Wimbledon

    There were several seasons in the 70s and 80s when there were only four London teams in the top flight

    79/80, 80/81, 81/82, 82/83 there were only three (Arsenal and Spurs plus either Palace or West Ham)
  • Five of our next seven Prem games are at home. Norwich, Leeds, Watford, Newcastle & Wolves. Man U and Leicester are the two away games in amongst these. Good opportunity to bag some points before going into a more severe last eleven games.

  • Shearer on MOTD drooling over Kovacic's goal, but was it as good as Manu's? Not for me.
  • So Bubbles, plenty of Googling tonight then 😁
  • About to watch the darts. This has been one great tournament.
  • IronHerb said:

    So Bubbles, plenty of Googling tonight then 😁

    No, they were sent to me by family members. ;)
  • If like me you’ve got an interest in American politics, there’s a brilliant podcast on BBC Sounds called “ The coming storm” .
    It goes deep into the rise of the crazy conspiracy theories of Q Anon and others revolving around the Clintons and Trump.
    A really fascinating ( if frightening) series to get into as the anniversary of the storming of The Capitol rolls round.
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    It seems that not all players like competition for positions. Antonio on "Footballer's footballer" podcast claims

    “On the first day, I’m not going to say this player’s name. I walked into the dining hall and all of the players came to greet me. I sat down and I was asked what position do I play, and this guy said ‘Oh, so you’re here to take my position eh? Taking my position?’ And I said ‘listen, we’re all here to do a job, and that’s what we’re going to do’,

    He hated me from that day until he left the club. It was crazy. He just couldn’t separate us playing football from me coming to take his job. It was crazy. I’ve seen it throughout my career a little bit, but not to this extent, it was unbelievable.
    Before he joined us from Forest Antonio was playing as a (mostly left) winger. Downing had left before Antonio arrived so possibly Jarvis although he didn't play much the previous season or more likely Valencia.
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    Yeah it can only really have been Valencia, or maybe at a push Diafra Sakho?
  • Imagine being a Derby county fan! deducted 21 points and then the bombshell now that Mike Ashley is considering buying your club. I actually think Rooney may go very close to keeping them up.
  • Payet joined two months before Antonio, I'm not sure he'd call it "his position" after just 6 appearances
  • I'm not sure Payet played in any of the multiple positions Antonio has played in. 😂
  • IronHerb said:

    I'm not sure Payet played in any of the multiple positions Antonio has played in. 😂

    I dunno, from what I read he played around quite a lot during his time with us...
  • IronHerb said:

    Oi Oi.

    Saveloy ?
  • Looking at the side from the opening games, I can only assume a player who felt the position was his after those opening games. I can only think Payet (who played all 6). Valencia was injured, Jarvis was never a regular & Lanzini had only just joined too. May have been Sakho but he was a striker.
  • ‘Oh, so you’re here to take my position eh? Taking my position?’

    If Antonio is quoting him more or less verbatim, then you'd think that the player was a native English speaker. Not sure Valencia or Payet would qualify as such.
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