West Ham v Man U (A) - Sunday 14 March

Sorry Wombat but hope you’re happy with the Leeds result.

A result from the Luke Chadwick derby could set us up very nicely.


  • The Roy Carroll derby
  • Lingard is going to be a big miss for us from this game. He really carries the ball forward well and whilst we have players who can beat a player we don't drive forward so much without Lingard.

    We showed in the Cup match that we can match them so I suspect it will be a tight match and will depend on who takes the few chances made. I think we need a draw at least.
  • Benrahma has to start, he's can do what Lignard does in getting us up the pitch

    Wouldn't surprise me if we revert to a back 5 with Johnson coming in, seems to be our go to in the harder games

    Dawson Diop Cresswell
    Coufal Rice Soucek Johnson
    Fornals Antonio Benrahma

    Potentially bring in Bowen for Fornals
  • Yeah, I think Moyes will go with a five, but it wouldn't surprise me if he benched Benrahma and went with:

    Dawson Diop Cress
    Coufal Rice Fornals Soucek Johnson
    Bowen Antonio

    Just don't think he trusts him in the big games.

    A point in this one would be very good. I don't actually think they've been the second best team in the league this season, but they're there and have just beaten City so will be full of confidence. Just hope we don't lose because we need to keep the momentum going over the next three or four games before the 'easier' run in.
  • Fab
    Coufal, Dawson, Diop, Cress, Fornals
    Bowen, Soucek, Rice, Benrahma
  • The Patrice Evra Derby

    I think United at home and United away are different propositions. They have a similar(ish) game plan to us, in sitting relatively deep and inviting teams on before hitting them on the counter attack with speed. As the home team they struggle a bit more to open teams up, and I'd expect us to be difficult to break down for them. I reckon we'll get a draw out of this.
  • A point in this game would be a good outcome as we don't get much at Old Trafford.

    Rice made a good point last night saying that we had nine days to prepare after playing every three or four days so maybe the edge was blunted. I think we will be up for this but United are a strange team this season, sometimes playing brilliantly and then pretty average.

    So 1-1 to the mighty Hammers. 🥴

  • the Stuart Pearson derby.
  • Moyes said we started as if we’d had 3 weeks rather than 9 days between the games.
  • The J Spector derby.
    No Lingz, no winz.
  • The Ted MacDougall derby ... hoping for a win, expecting a draw
  • The Lou Macari derby! 🤦‍♂️
    Always see games at Old Trafford as a free hit, so any positive result would be great, and we may well do it this season. ⚒
  • The Teddy Sherringham derby. 1-1
  • I bet the conversations and preparation in training with Lingard will be interesting
  • Well Rice will be saying "Im taking any penalties" and Lingard says "ok".

  • A back 5 makes sense if he is looking for a draw but it might better to match them toe to toe and go for the win. The only doubt is Benrahma's ability to track back and help Coufal, but Fornals will not play that far up the pitch and should be able to help out there.

    Coufal, Dawson, Diop, Cresswell
    Soucek, Rice
    Benrahma Fornals Bowen

    2-1 to the Hammers, with Benrahma to score.
  • A repeat of that famous 4-2 where Spector scored twice 😏
  • I don't think it will be snowing on Sunday. ❄️❄️❄️
  • I think Benrahma tracks back really well tbh. I really like him and think he should play more than he does
  • I’m undecided at the moment on who should play out of Fornals, Said and Bowen.

    They all have different qualities but at the same time I think they should all be chipping in with more goals and assists than they currently are.
  • Indeed they do have different qualities
    Said is most likely to create an assist.
    Fornals is great at pressing and getting back into position.
    Bowen pops up with the goal more than the others.
    Perhaps they should all start
  • A back five is a no go for me.

    Coufal - Dawson - Diop - Cresswell
    Souček - Rice
    Bowen - Fornals - Benrahma
  • I hope we don't sit off them as Moyes has sometimes tended do against stronger opposition. The way to stop Man Utd is to press them and attack them , they have too much individual quality to allow them too much possession in our half.

    As for penalties Rice does not fill me with confidence and Lingards was just poor. I would probably give Cresswell a try or even Benrhama.
  • Really awful performance, 15 % possession , 2 shots on target, Declan has 2 left feet Dawson heads somebody’s head into the back of their own net. We win, 0-1. Or we could smash them. Either way, I’m a happy wombat. COYI
  • Back 4 unless Masuaku is fit. He must be nearing it now?

    Think I’d go with Lukerz team but Fornals as the wide player because of their speed on the wings. Benrahma was playing very well as a kind of floating attacking player/10 before Lingard came. Think he can cause problems centrally while Fornals work rate is needed. Though if Pogba is back that might a problem. Their midfield has been pathetic since his injury.
  • Pogba seems to raise his game against us too
  • Maybe he's looking for a move to the Massive Irons =)
  • Sky go 2-0 and Lawro goes 2-1
  • I’m really looking forward to this, just wish it wasn’t right at the end of the weekend!

    But I am looking forward to seeing us in this situation & facing this challenge.
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