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    resurrecting this thread.

    Amazon Prime:-

    - Reacher, very good series
    - The Expanse, last season was good (though felt rushed for last 3 episodes or so due to only 6 episodes for final season)
    - Jack Ryan, very good series
    - Wheel of Time, liked it but could do more imo for the budget it had
    - Invincible, absolute quality for something animated
    - Carnival Row, was decent
    - The Boys, still Amazon Primes best show imo.

    - Upload season 2 coming out next week (first season was decent)
    - new series of Picard out

    -Marksman with Liam Neeson great film
    -Copshop with Gerard Butler great film
    -Wrath of Man with Jason Statham great film
  • I couldn’t get past the first 30 mins of Wheel of Time. Is it worth sticking with?
  • Just caught up on the first two episodes of the current Peaky Blinder series. So well made.
  • Yep I'm looking forward to watching that. Just need to finish Vikings Valhalla first.
  • Is Vikings Valhalla any good Ham?
  • Yeah is good. It's set 100 years (I think) after the other one so different characters. But it's basically the same sort of vibe.
  • have watched first 6 episodes of Viking Valhalla same vibe follow King Cnut and i imagine similar to Ragnar Lothbrok will go beyond King Cnut and up to 1066 when essentially the Vikings were defeated and the Normans took over England.
  • The Normans and the Vikings are same.
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    Yeah so the Normans are Vikings that settled in France right? I guess originating from king Rollo?
  • The death in the battle of King Harald Hardrada of Norway ended any hope of reviving Cnut's North Sea Empire, and it is because of this, rather than the Norman conquest, that 1066 is often taken as the end of the Viking Age.
  • The Normans and the Vikings are same.

    Not exactly.
  • Didn't the Normans eat twix's or am I thinking of something else.
  • Thi reminds of quiz question. What are the names of the three lions on the England shirt? No Googling!
  • Thi reminds of quiz question. What are the names of the three lions on the England shirt? No Googling!

    Bobby, Geoff and Martin?
  • Hahaha No

    Is this a heraldry question?
  • I'll give you a clue for one of them. One of said Lions names has already mentioned.
  • im guessing one is after Richard the Lionheart so Richard the 1st ?
  • My guess is one is William 1 (Conquerer) or if not his heirs, the first 3 Henrys.
  • The names are, Rollo, Maine and Aquataine
  • Rollo after first Duke of Normandy, Maine after the country was added to Normandy and Aquitaine after the area of France where his wife Eleanor came from.
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    Eleanor of acquitane and was the wife of Louis of France and then Henry 2 some 300 years after Rollo
  • The names are, Rollo, Maine and Aquataine

    Can you tell which one is which?
  • What are the names of the Three Lions on the England crest?
    the actual names of the three lions are : roary pauz and mayne . From a guide at the Houses of Parliament and from other sources.
    Looks like different people have different ideas about their names. =)
  • That's the wallies at F.A.
  • Not film or TV but if you’ve got a slightly warped sense of humour I’d highly recommend Athletico Mince, the podcast from Bob Mortimer and Andy Barlow.
    Don’t play it while you’re working out in the gym though , it’s quite dangerous when you’re lifting weights when you suddenly crack up laughing.If you’re into Vic and Bobs humour you’ll love this.
  • I can't believe there is only 8 episodes of Vikings Valhalla 🤬
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