At Home to Crystal Palace Saturday 14th Jan 3pm Kick off - London Stadium - Bring ya gum

Right here goes....

Big Sam is back in town, we've just suffered a terrible defeat in the cup, which he would know all about of course.

I have faith in Slav, but he needs to steady the ship and quick.


  • Right, I have calmed down now. We will beat Palace, I can't think of a reason why, just a feeling or the beer talking, but we will beat them.
  • Randy
    Nordtveit Reid Ogbonna
    Antonio Fernandes Obiang Cresswell
    Lanzini Carroll Payet

    Adrian, Oxford, Noble, Feghouli, Martinez, Fletcher, Byram

    Palace's confidence is shot.

    Our confidence is shot.

    Biggest game of our season so far, and I'm expecting a response after tonight's debacle.

    But I've supported West Ham long enough to not hold my breath
  • ;wahoo we have more time to recover .please please play carroll and fletcher and lets get at them
  • Slaven is well and truly cupping his beard right now
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    At least they won't have that cheating diving fouling little worm that is Wilfried Zaha.

    This season we've played five games without Noble in the starting line up, we lost four (Astra, Spurs, Man U, Man C) and won the other in injury time (Accrington).

    We need Noble back
  • I still can't get my head around Ogbonna EVER being preferred over Tomkins
  • Big game and feel we will get a responce from the players

    Bilic needs to sort out the defence, Nordtveit isn't a real full back but Cresswell and Ogbonna, 2 key members of the defence have been awful the last couple of weeks so many mistakes leaves Reid with too much to do

    What I'd go for:

    Nordtveit Reid Oxford Cressy
    Obiang Noble
    Feghouli Payet Lanzini

    Antonio to me looks like he needs a rest, he doenst seem to have that spring in his step anymore so could do with maybe a bench for this game

    What I liked about how we started against United was Payet in the hole, he's usually been stuck out on the left but against United he was in the hole with Lanzini on the left and frghouli on the right and he created a couple chances before the sending off which meant he had to go back on the left

    With no right back its hard to see who comes in for Nordtveit as Antonio isn't much better there nor is Fernandes or Feghouli the 3 at the back was well worked out hence the revert back to 4 at the back.

    Ogbonna doesn't do enough for me too error prone Oxford should play, he's a centre back by trade so let's play him there
  • I've got a nasty feeling this game won't go to plan and Sam will be telling his palace players exactly how to deal with us I hope I'm wrong ;puzzled
  • Like he did against Swansea? ;hmm
  • No Benteke, no Zaha. That helps.
  • Randy
    Nordtviet, Reid, Oxford, Cresswell
    Obiang, Fernandes
    Antonio, Lanzini, Quina

    Adrian, Ogbonna, Byram, Noble, Payet, Feghouli, Fletcher
  • Not sure what XI we can scrape together for this one.

    Antonio - Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Obiang
    Feghouli - Payet - Lanzini

    Looks like the only possible XI we can currently field. Cannot continue with Nord at RB. Can't drop Nobes or Cress as there's nobody else fit. Can't drop Payet otherwise it's Quina or some other kid.

    Not looking great.
  • Early goal, SA will have to come out to play, pick them off 3-1
  • Getting a bit worried now. With Palace drawing today Sam is still waiting for his first win, where better for this to happen for him.
  • Do they have to play the replay this week?
  • Think it may be after our game.
  • Friday evening would be good
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    thorn ;ok

    According to the BBC, replays a week on Tuesday/Wednesday.
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    Expat ;ok. Ogbonna ;nonono
  • We'll win this

    Carroll to bag the winner run over to Big Sam and cup his beard
  • I see Remy played yesterday for Palace, doesn't he like scoring against us? ;weep
  • He won't be allowed too.
  • Pulled off after 45
  • If it's not at least 5-0 I'll be disappinted.

  • ...
    I have faith in Slav,

    But do you have trust IBFS?

  • I see Remy played yesterday for Palace, doesn't he like scoring against us? ;weep

    2 goals in 4 games although one of those games he came on as an injury time minute sub so probably doesn't count. He's 4 for 4 against Hull and 2 for 3 against Spurs
  • i think we will see some goals from Carroll cos they must know by now that he needs a provider
  • I really want to see Ogbonna dropped. His form has been abysmal recently, but I don't think Slav will do it.

    I want to see Noble back in the side for a bit of bite. Against a Sam side we could do with him in the middle, I think.

    I like the idea of Antonio up against Martin Kelly in the air.
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