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  • IronHerb said:

    Ben Foakes will be keeping wicket for England in the forthcoming Test in India. Hurrah!

    Shame it's too late for us to win the Ashes.

  • T.T.Th. Thats all Foakes!
  • Odd selection for the 1st Test imo, the only option other than spin is Mark Wood who isn't really going to put in long spells. All eggs very definitely in one rotating basket, with spinners Jack Leach, Rehan Ahmed and debutant Tom Hartley all selected as bowlers possibly supplemented by Root as well.
  • England win the toss and bat first.
  • First wicket down, 55-1, Duckett gone for 35, umpire's call LBW, but given on field.
  • 58-2, Pope goes for 1.
  • 60-3, Crawley gone for 20.
  • 108-3 at lunch.
  • 121-4, Bairstow gone for 37.
  • 125-4, Root gone for 29.
  • 137-6, Foakes gone for 4.
  • 155-7, Rehan Ahmed gone for 13.
  • 193-8, debutant Tom Hartley gone for a brisk 23.
  • 215-8 at tea.
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    234-9, Wood gone for 11. Leach comes out to join Stokes who is on 58 not out.
  • Stokes bowled for 70, England all out for 246.
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    Disappointing that 5 of our top 6 batsmen got in (20 or more), but only one made more than 37. Commentators are suggesting it's not a bad score given the surface, likening it to a 3rd or 4th day pitch; time will tell I guess 🤞🤞🤞.
  • Tom Hartley's first delivery in Test Cricket gets despatched for 6, not what he was dreaming of I'm guessing.
  • Tom Hartley's first delivery in Test Cricket gets despatched for 6, not what he was dreaming of I'm guessing.

    Nor is going for 25 in his first 2 overs, it's the stuff of nightmares so far.

  • His third over was better, only 9 off it. Trouble is our spinners barely get it to turn so for batters who are brought up on spin it’s easy for them to pick what it’s doing.
  • Stokes has given him a 4th over, but the first ball goes for 4. Unless he gets a wicket he surely gets a rest after this one.
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    Hartley must think he’s playing in a T20 game not a test the way he’s going around the ground. Desperation kicking in as we are appealing any time they don’t hit it. Running out of reviews.
  • Finally we get a wicket, Leach gets Rohit for 24, 80-1.
  • All 3 reviews burned inside the first 14 overs, very poor.
  • 119-1, close of play. Time for bed.
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    Day 2 about to start, so important to take some early wickets.

    Looks like Root is going to open the bowling this morning.
  • Root takes a wicket caught and bowled in his first over, India 123-2 😊
  • Foakes puts down a tough chance off the last ball of Root's over, but it might not have counted for anything anyway; the umpire missed the edge and gave a bye, and we've no reviews left.
  • Hartley gets his first wicket, 159-3.
  • No more wickets before lunch, 222-3.
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