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Ben Foakes will be keeping wicket for England in the forthcoming Test in India. Hurrah!


  • Redbridge council announced on Tuesday that “following legal advice” they would not be leasing Oakfield Playing Fields to West Ham who wanted to expand their youth facilities

    A good decision as its used extensively by amateur football and cricket teams, we must be able to afford an alternative site that isn't already being used
  • Klopp leaving Liverpool at end of season.
  • It's probably just me but I think Sky sports are going a bit over the top about Klopp leaving Liverpool. He's not died, he'll be back at another club in no time.
  • But there's no transfer dealings going on so it's a godsend for them.
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    Wow, that sets a very dangerous precedent imo. And that's just over whether a penalty should have been re-taken. We've had goals incorrectly disallowed/allowed to stand, including one where the mistake was recognised within seconds of the match restarting after the VAR review.
  • MIAHammer said:
    I haven't read that article, but read coverage elsewhere.

    The replay isn't due to VAR error, but because of a misapplication of the laws of the game.

    ( Was the final decision, after the previous ruling said there would be no replay as it was judged at that stage to be a VAR error. I actually think that sets a precedent that there will NOT be replays for VAR errors. As much as any other league's rulings have applicability anywhere else.)
  • A huge game for our ladies today, as we travel to Bristol City who are bottom of the table but below us only on goal difference.
  • A huge game for our ladies today, as we travel to Bristol City who are bottom of the table but below us only on goal difference.

    A very big win for us, especially as we lost the reverse fixture earlier in the season, Bristol City's only win of the season so far.

  • Gianfeanco Zola at our golf club today ⛳️⛳️

  • Maybe we should try Fabianski up front
  • Ian Lavender just died ,Last member of Dads Army .RIP ...Don't tell him your name Pike .Classic
  • He also reada number of stories in the story teller serial magazine I used to read/listen to as a kid.
    Rest in Peace stupid boy
  • My latest project

    In process

    the finished chair all made from one lump of ash

  • Awesome work sir 👏👏👏
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    Brother Sledge, did you bend the arm rest piece or cut it to shape?
    I'm assuming you bent the top rail, how does it compare to beech to bend?
    Beautiful work btw.
  • Thank you Bubbles, I've not tried bending beech but this ash had been milled 2 years ago and felled some years before that so it was well seasoned and consequently hard and dry. I steamed each piece (7/8"x7/8") for about 15 minutes inside a metal pole then bent them easily by hand around the former. As you probably know the key is to stop the outside of the bend stretching and breaking out, so the inside is slightly crushed. I made a metal band by cutting a thin strip off an old sheet of corrugated tin and then fitted blocks on each end. I glued additional wood to the arm after bending to provide for shaping the hands.

    This is the first chair I have made on my own. I went on a 5day course at The Windsor Workshop last year which was really enjoyable (8 people from different backgrounds from total beginners upwards, all ended the week with a quality handmade chair) and I bought myself a book called Windsor Chairmaking by James Mursell for Christmas.
  • That looks great. Wish I could make something like that!
  • Steve Wright is dead

    I absolutely hated Steve Wright in the Afternoon on Radio One and his tedious attempt at comedy

    I was always more Kid Jensen, Annie Nightingale and John Peel, if I wanted comedy there was Alexei Sayle, Rik Mayall, Ben Elton, etc.

    The Smiths wrote "Panic" (Hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ) after Steve Wright played a Wham song straight after BBC news reported Chernobyl

    Admittedly I didn't hate him as much as Mike Read, who clearly was a failed pop star but inflicted his audience with his attempts to be a musician

    I shall not be mourning
  • I think I did hear somewhere that he spoke very highly of you ASLEF =)
  • Sorry, yesterday was not a good day...
  • I reckon Steve Wright's was worse.
  • Watching Champions League ........ I had completely forgotten about Felipe Anderson.
  • MIAHammer said:

    Watching Champions League ........ I had completely forgotten about Felipe Anderson.

    Generally best for everyone 😂🤣😂. I'm not sure, but I think he's available on a free in the summer. Which is a shame as I think we have a decent sell on clause if he'd been sold.

  • According to Hammers Chat, Paqueta wants out of West Ham and is going to sue the FA regarding the betting allegations.

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    What a load of rubbish.
    ( The video)

    Genuine question. Do people really follow these sorts of 'content creators' and if so, why? I don't understand what they offer, and why people might want to buy it 🤔

    I suppose it's a stupid question. Of course people do, or the YouTube channel wouldn't be making money, or have >25 thousand subscribers. But a quick skim through recent content ( these are minutes I won't get back 😭) suggests that they either just recycle content from other sites or post random wummy stuff.

    If I was into conspiracy theories, Id say he was a Spurs fan 😆

  • I think the whole thing was garbage. Summarising it seems he wants to get rid of most of the squad, the manager and staff, the owners leaving I presume only the catering staff.
    As Mrs G said, there’s plenty of people who believe everything they see or hear and presume it must be true.
  • People just want content to consume all the time
  • Not me. I want to consume cheese, red wine and thrillers 😆.
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