West Ham vs Bournemouth on Monday

It feels a bit like an after the Lord Steve’s show thread, but I guess someone has to do it…

I have fond youth memories of Bournemouth. Frolicking on the golden beach, the first time I ever indulged in some outside ‘slap n tickle’ (in a field on the way back from vacation. Yes, there was someone else involved, not just me in that field).

Also the only time I have had a tyre blow out on me on the motorway. Was doing a steady 70 and secs later, after one heavy brake and a couple of smaller ones I was by the side of the road happy we were still in one piece!

Anyway, theres a football game on Monday too and it’s not a trip for us there but those recent revival Cherries are coming to that London place…

As we’re not playing a perceived hard team them maybe, just maybe, we will not be so defensively inclined and close to anemic when attacking. I get that being rigid and organized means we don't lose many games by big margins but surely when it comes to the Bournemouths of this world we should consider going attacking toe to toe? Paqueta's injured so our chief bought playmaker is out. We need to link up better and support the front players. Perhaps be a little braver and less painful to watch. Tracking back and pressing is the modern thing, I get it. But some old fashioned attacking in lumps of 7 is desired...

Two former Hammers in Fredericks and Stanislas. Or Fred and Stan as they’re known to by their mates.

Solanke is the on form danger man. I seem to remember him coming down the stairs in an odd but mesmeric way when a child. He’s started scoring goals since he changed his name from Slinky but phonetically its pretty close so I didn’t see the point. Rambling ended.

Kehrer Dawson Zouma Cresswell
Downes Rice Emerson
Bowen Scam Ant (Benni)


  • Baz hope you have to do this for a very long time
  • Also why on earth do we have to play on Monday and again on Thursday ,just not right
  • Tottenham are playing on Sunday 4.30 kick off & Wednesday at 8. That’s the price you pay for being Massive. 😉
  • Hate spurs ...sorry wrong thread
  • We could be in bottom three by the time we play this so need to go for it and get the three points.
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    Always look on the bright side of life, hey thorn 😆

    And of we're not bottom three.... We won't need to go for it?
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    We need to go for it from the off whatever position we are in instead of waiting for the second half of matches which we tend to do. We are allowed to score in the first half of games. They’ve made a lot of winning 6 of our last 8 or whatever but 4 of those were in the ECL and I think we need to put a decent league run together.
    Admittedly we make it difficult for teams to score against us so defeats are generally 1-0 or 2-0 but we seem to be making it even more difficult to score ourselves.
  • thorn, Aren’t we the lowest scoring team in the first half of matches this season of all the Premier League teams?
  • Fabianski
    Kehrer - Dawson - Zouma - Cresswell
    Soucek - Rice
    Bowen - Fornals - Benrahma
  • I wonder if we might go 4-3-3 with the same middle 3 as against Liverpool, but with Downes rather than Rice central and sitting.

    Kehrer - Dawson- Zouma - Cresswell
    Soucek - Downes - Rice
    Bowen - Scamacca - Benrahma
  • I know it'll never happen but I'd like to see this

    Coufal- Dawson- Zouma - Cresswell
    Soucek - Rice - Benrahma
    Bowen - Scamacca - Antonio

    Come on Moyes, let's give it a try and see what happens
  • MIAHammer said:

    I know it'll never happen but I'd like to see this

    Coufal- Dawson- Zouma - Cresswell
    Soucek - Rice - Benrahma
    Bowen - Scamacca - Antonio

    Come on Moyes, let's give it a try and see what happens

    I think the problem with starting both Antonio and Scamacca is that, given we know Antonio hasn't got a full out 90 mins in him, what happens for the last half an hour if Scamacca has to go off? Scamacca off injured, Antonio blowing after 60 mins, we're exactly where we were last season with no CF option after an hour.
  • I dont see why Antonio hasnt got a full 90 in him. Its not like he hasnt been putting his feet up until the last 20 minutes lately.
  • If you start Bowen, Scamacca and Antonio up front who do you bring on if one of them has to go off or one of them is having a bad day?
  • Fab
    Kehrer Daws Zouma Cresswell
    Downes Rice
    Bowen Bennie Fornals

    Like to see Benrahma central behind Scamacca, feel Fornals does his best work off the left in a 4231

    Think Downes deserves to start, I may be biased or too harsh but think Soucek is offering us next to nothing atm and Downes deserves his chance

    Hope Daws is back for this, need Kehrer at RB

    Also, when is Cornet going to return? Heard very little about him
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    It will be…

    Johnson - Zouma - Kehrer - Cresswell
    Soucek - Rice
    Bowen - Fornals - Benrahma

    Areola, Ogbonna, Coufal, Emerson, Coventry, Downes, Lanzini, Cornet, Antonio

    Out: Paqueta, Aguerd, Dawson (?)

    That will be the front five. Moyes won’t throw everybody on. The only question mark in the side will be whether Dawson is fit to play or whether Johnson/Coufal play at RB.
  • Based on what Moyes said in the last couple weeks Cornet could be back on the bench.
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    MIA - I think you could justify both Scamacca & Antonio but it would have to be a 4-4-2 & probably wouldn’t include Benrahma.

    Kehrer - Dawson - Zouma - Cresswell
    Bowen - Soucek - Rice - Fornals
    Scamacca - Antonio

    Bournemouth also play a 4-4-2 so there is an argument to say let’s match them & see who does it better.

    You could go to a 3-5-2 but it would mean dropping Bowen & the way he’s playing I’d keep him in the side.
  • Nice video of Aguerd just been put up. To early for him I'd imagine but back on the training ground with the rest of the team.
  • Cornet ‘back on the grass’, according to Moyes. Paqueta injury not as serious as first thought but care needed as it’s not a usual injury for footballers. Aguerd training but looking likely that Silkeborg is a game he could be involved in.
  • Surely cornet should be fined for that 🚬
  • Medicinal my dear boy, purely medicinal.
  • No mention of Dawson when Moyes was talking about injuries, hopefully no news is good news? 🤞🤞🤞

    Although I watched the game on Sunday, I don't remember seeing Paqueta injure his shoulder, anyone know exactly what he did/what the problem is?

    Big game for us, one we really need to win if we are to have "turned our season around".
  • Paqueta went down heavily at Southampton. Took a fair bit of treatment and carried on. Shortly after he was involved in a challenge and was left holding his shoulder and looking to be taken off. Nothing malicious involved just fell awkwardly.
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    Thanks 👍
  • Yeah I'm sure the camera panned to him on the bench showing his shoulder to someone?
  • Hamstew said:

    Yeah I'm sure the camera panned to him on the bench showing his shoulder to someone?

    Actually I remember that
  • Dawson & Cornet have ‘outside chance’ for Monday.
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