Jesse Lingard signs on loan - official



  • It was a cracking goal!
  • It was indeed.
  • Nearly won strop of the month last match too. Fortunately, Maupay won that one :) y
  • Lingard's form has dipped a little after his burst onto our scene ( understandable) he couldn't keep it up indefinitely but has looked more average in the past couple of games imo ( mind you they all have ). What's his value now?
  • I’d still sign him, definitely. But with a year left on his contract and looking like a mortal again, surely it can’t be any more than £20m? And really it shouldn’t be more than £15m
  • I think he did ok tonight, very energetic and probing but like so many just lacked to ability to carve out a clear chance.
  • I’d agree he would be a good signing, but not at any price. Don’t get drawn into an auction. With his contract running down he has a good amount of say as to where he ends up.
  • He replaced Benny, who is now a goalscoring machine, so use the money to buy a CF, then get Lingard with the loose change ;)
  • Being reported he is less keen on signing for us now we are out of the CL running b
  • Being reported he is less keen on signing for us now we are out of the CL running b

    If that's true, then don't waste £25m on him. West Brom's Pereira might be available at about that cost.
  • Might just be paper talk though as I doubt they’ve asked him
  • More than likely, but that said, agents nowadays aren't shy when it comes to contacting the media to drum up interest in their players or drive their wages up.
  • Always felt like this was just a purple patch, his form was unsustainable

    I would still like us to sign him, but he's definitely worth less then he was a few weeks ago and that's good for us if we do want him
  • Lingard on West Ham and, in particular, Mark Noble

  • That says so much about Moyes and Noble, but also Jesse. It's one thing to be shown something but you need the ability to recognise what you are being shown.
  • Good attitude. I'll be very annoyed (polite version) if Newcastle get him. West Ham turned him into an adult.
  • I think we've all noticed how much the team spirit and work ethic has increased over the past two seasons. Total credit to the manager and the players for buying into it and vastly improving. This alone makes me feel better as I know even when we lose that we're pulling together and that makes a huge difference to the supporters moral too!
  • It also makes clear just how the club will have to go that extra mile if necessary to ensure Noble stays in the club after this season. Unless he wants a break after so many years I can't imagine he would take too much persuading. He looks an immediate fit for Moyes backroom team.
  • I'm still a bit concerned that it's usually described as his last year at the club and not as a player - so he might go elsewhere. It would be nice for him to be a one-club player as I think he might be one of the last to ever do it at premier league level.

    I really do hope Noble stays on as a coach - maybe with a little break, because whenever we've had good form and team spirit (this isn't the first time it's been reported), so many players have referred to him.
  • Yup, feels like he's too valuable to lose...
  • I'd be surprised if he's not offered a role but I think he loves playing and he's not going to get much here. He may think he still has a couple of years to offer lower down elsewhere
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