Other league games 7 May - 12 May

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    Lukerz said:

    Yep a nice performance & win tomorrow will do nicely. I think a loss for Wolves today & win tomorrow will seal 7th.

    Chelski are currently making your wish come true Lukerz. =)
  • Chelsea looking very vulnerable after Wolves pull one back.
  • Your wish too surely BND?
  • 2-2 now so we need to win tomorrow
  • Wolves equalize in the 97th minute.

  • Bristol Rovers though ๐Ÿ˜„

    Needed to win 7-0 to get automatic promotion.

  • Brighton getting their goal scoring boots on this evening!
  • As I mentioned the other week, United hardly playing like a side who want 6th
  • Brighton could very easily finish with 53 points, with Leeds and their bunnies yet to play.

    7th is a long way from settled.
  • Tomorrow is big. I do believe a win & 7th is sorted.
  • Puts us safe of everyone apart from Wolves and Leicester (unless Villa win their remaining games and have a seven goal swing).

    Wolves are unlikely to get anything from their last two, as are we, to be honest.

    So yeah, 7th rests on tomorrow. Get that all but secured, and with Palace doing us a favour we could even dream about 6th again.
  • 6th is in our own hands.

  • I switched off at halftime to sort out some dinner..I was a bit late tuning back in and Brighton are 4 up!?
  • How was your dinner? ๐Ÿ˜Š
  • IronHerb said:

    6th is in our own hands.


    So is 12th ๐Ÿ˜…

  • IronHerb said:

    How was your dinner? ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Tbh, it was fine. No indigestion at all!
  • ๐Ÿ˜„
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    I want City to win the league but I want Liverpool to beat Tottenham.
  • MrsG, Don't let Baz read this! =)
  • Don't care. I'm a mod. What's he gonna do :-)

    Oh, wait.

    He's gonna thrash me in the FF lol
  • Dont know why Liverpool feel so down ,Dont they know we have to play city =)
  • There are always twists at the back end of the season. Spurs IMO were always going to be Liverpools hardest game of the season. Personally I have to hope that City unexpectedly lose to the likes of Newcastle. It would be amazing if it went to the final fixture. All that said, its a desire but there's no big concern. More of a worry that West Ham will miss out on Europe after having a taste of it for the first time in ages

    As for FF Annual League... City or Mrs Grey can't take the title off me and it will be retained :)

    However, the cheap league is sooooooo close! ;)
  • Bazshuayi, I find your comment confusing, why as a "West Ham fan" don't you want Manchester City to lose to us on May 15 as them losing tomorrow only benefits Liverpool! Naughty, Naughty, very Naughty =)
  • Leeds 2-0 down and 10 men they are doomed
  • Everton winning at Leicester again, 2-1 up.
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    I did say that Man City will have to lose to the likes of Newcastle (as it was their next game) and that includes West Ham! If we could beat Norwich today and take City and Brighton down we'll be back in the Europa next season (maybe I worded it poorly?). The worry re West Ham is that A) City will obviously be hard to beat B) Brighton are a team we never beat and C) There's the concern of fatigue and after the lord mayors show mentally
  • With a bit of luck Liverpool will lose to both Villa and Soton, so we can beat City (and then Brighton), take 6th place ahead of Man Utd, and City will still take the title ahead of Liverpool, who will already have lost the FA Cup by then before going on to be soundly thrashed by RM in the Champions League final. If Carlsberg did football........๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž
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    Big day at the bottom as funny it would be for Everton going down both Leeds and Burnley have players we could use and Ofc less chance of spuds getting CL so bye bye Harry
  • Wouldnt mind Pope and Tarkowski at Burnley. Rumours are that the likes of Raphinha, Bamford and Phillips have clauses allowing them to leave for cut price fees if relgated (would like that to be confirmed...)
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