West Ham Utd v Newcastle Utd. Saturday 19th February, 12:30pm. BT Sport.

Well I wasn't expecting to roll out a fourth match thread considering our current lack of form, but here goes.
I don't expect to see much change to the Leicester starting XI. I think Johnson deserves a start over Coufal who is struggling a bit at the moment and I would like to see Antonio benched but doubt that will happen. So I expect to see: -
Coufal, Dawson, Zouma, Cresswell
Rice, Soucek
Bowen, Lansing, Fornals

A scrappy 1-0 win for the hammers.



  • Really want Benrahma, Lanzini or Fornals to finally step up and make an impact on the game from the start

    Whoever starts often pays poorly but the one who's on the bench comes on and changes the game....which is a good option to have but they need to do more when starting, they are all talented players but apart from Bowen none of them them have been good enough when starting

    Gonna be tough this, Newcastle are full of running and energy and we are the opposite

    Tripper missing is a huge plus

    Worried about ASM running at us
  • Who is this Lansing chap you speak of and is he any good?
  • 😂 Oops. I think he's the new signing that we all wanted.
  • I thought ASM was struggling with fitness during the game. Hopefully he's got a niggle.
  • Eddie Howe seems to have settled his starting midfield and forwards, unchanged for three matches in a row

    Willock Shelvey Joelinton
    Fraser Wood Saint-Maximin

    His problem is defence with Trippier, Lascalles, Fernandes, Ritchie and Manquilo all out injured.

    Cairan Clark started against us in August but has been dropped from the 25-man squad

    Most likely back 4

    Krafth, Scharr, Burn, Targett

    Let's be generous and do Norwich a favour
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    Can't see us keeping them from scoring. if Harvey Barnes can run Coufal ragged think what ASM will do.
  • Willock and Wood still waiting for their first goals.
  • Can't see us keeping them from scoring. if Harvey Barnes can run Coufal ragged think what ASM will do.

    And then throw in the Chris Wood tax.

    We're going to need to score a few to win this I reckon.
  • thorn, Are we talking about those two having not scored for Newcastle so far this season?
  • At lest Wilson wont be playing for them .And if we man to man mark ASM with 4 or 5 players we should be okay
  • You just know that whenever anyone needs to break their duck it happens against us
  • I watched most of their game against Villa and they are still mostly rubbish and look quite vulnerable.

    They've done well recently with the big home crowd behind them, but think we'll have too much for them.
  • Fortune yes. Willock hasn’t scored since he signed permanently and nor has Wood. What odds would you get on at least one of them scoring Saturday.
  • Expat is your man.
  • Score first and watch their confidence ooze away. I think Johnson against ASM will be interesting. Diop or Zouma also interesting. An interesting game altogether 😁
  • Kuchinghammer, We did that on Sunday but then didn't push for a second goal. Zouma will take care of ASM.
  • I back Johnson against ASM.
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    Johnson - Dawson - Zouma - Cresswell
    Soucek - Rice
    Vlasic - Benrahma - Fornals
  • Referee is Chris Kavanagh, he missed Zouma's shirt getting pulled against Villa in November and red carded Balbuena against Chelsea in April, later overturned on appeal

  • ASM is proving one of those all or nothing players, he will either pull you all over the place and prove pretty much unplayable or kind of disappear after half an hour.

    Our issue is creating goal scoring opportunities. I think we may rely on Bowen again in this. If I have one wish it's that if we get desperate we bring on Oko Flex instead or Yarmalenko. If for no other reason we would find out that they are not ready yet, we already know about Yarmalenko and he is off in the summer anyhow.
  • A win very much needed.
    Nervous about this one.
  • I think we are all forgetting that we have won six of the last nine, losing two. We aren't playing great football but also we aren't an easy touch.
  • We're 7th for shots (12.7 per game, Liverpool best 18.9, Norwich worst 9.8) so we're not doing too bad creating opportunities

    If anything our problem is defending, we're 14th for shots allowed (13.4 per game, City 6.6, Burnley 16.9)
  • If Zouma plays, it will be a close contest for which team gets booed most...I'll watch with the sound muted....
  • I missed the news conference for the game yesterday, and there's no team news or stats for the game on the BBC; was much made of Zouma's "illness" before the Leicester game?
  • Moyes doesn't appear to have given a press conference yet, nothing on the OS and nothing through Google
  • Moyes doesn't appear to have given a press conference yet, nothing on the OS and nothing through Google

    Ah, OK, usually there's a presser on Thursdays for Saturday fixtures so I thought I'd missed it. Match details on BBC now state that Moyes will give an update later today.
  • I want to know how the cat is doing. RSPCA took it for examination. What did they find?
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    Moyes says one or two doubts. I imagine one is Masuaku. Moyes says Zouma has trained last two days & is over his illness.

    In the training video, I can’t see Coufal, Diop or Benrahma. The rest of the first 11 were all there (Soucek, Rice, Bowen, Lanzini, Fornals, Antonio, Cresswell, Dawson, Fabianski, plus Fredericks & Johnson were there).
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