Other matches 15th, 16 and 17th April

Saturday lunchtime we have Villa v Newcastle, 6th versus 3rd and I don't think anyone would have predicted that those two teams would occupy those spots with 9 games left.

On form over the last 6 games Villa are 3rd and Newcastle 4th, over the last 10 games they're 4th and 5th,

The last time they met Newcastle were 3rd, Villa were 13th and had sacked Gerrard the previous week with Aaron Danks as caretaker (he joined Boro as Carrick's assistant in December).

Before Dick Emery took over Ollie Watkins had scored 2 in 13, since then he's scored 11 in 16

Both teams were relegated in 2015-16


  • So begins another round of fixtures praying to the great VAR in the sky that results go our way 🤞🤞🤞.
  • Emery only signed 2 players (Alex Moreno and Jhon Duran) in January, so with virtually the same players as Gerrard had, he's taken them to 6th and Villa are now leading Newcastle 1- 0.
    Different manager, same players, different performance/results.
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    Our u18's have just beaten Arsenal 2-0 to win the u18's south league with 2 games to spare. They face the same opponents on 25th April to complete the League/Cup double:

  • Robbie Earle at HT just mentioned that Emery said "Newcastle are aggressive with the ball and aggressive without it, and that we must match that".
    Seems to be working.
  • Just a great game to watch. So much desire.
  • Under Emery W12, D2,L4
    Under Gerrard W2, D3 L6

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    The 6 remaining fixtures today feature 6 clubs nominally still in the relegation battle, with only Chelsea v Brighton having no impact on us.

    Everton v Fulham
    Would love to see Fulham have a reaction against Everton, but can't see it tbh; they've been flat for a while and will continue to miss Mitrovic. I can see Everton picking up 3 important points here.

    Soton v Palace
    Preference is for a draw, failing that a Palace win to keep Soton right down there.

    Wolves v Brentford
    Obviously would like to see a Brentford win, but I suspect Wolves will be comfortably safe come the end of the season so not dreadful if they pick up points.

    Spurs v Bournemouth
    Time to wash my mouth out, but should hopefully be a banker home win.

    Man City v Leicester
    Hopefully another banker home win to see Leicester's poor run continue.

    Fingers crossed results don't go too badly against us this afternoon 🤞🤞🤞.
  • I tried to watch the Spurs - Bournemouth game but the wiring in my brain got itself in a right old pickle what with actually wanting a Spurs win.
    Changed over to Everton -Fulham.
    That’s better.
  • Reed puts Fulham ahead. Helping us out again.
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    Slacker said:

    Changed over to Everton -Fulham. That’s better.

    0-1 to Fulham, definitely better.
    Come on you S#?*¤ =)
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    I chose Wolves vs Brentford, long way to go but Wolves look good for it thus far
  • Chelsea Brighton in this living room.
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    Can't trust Spurs to do anything, dreadful attempt at trying to play the ball out, giving the ball away in a dangerous position, and Bournemouth are level.
  • Crawley v Tranmere in mine.
  • And Diego Costa of all people equalising for Everton.
  • And Diego Costa of all people equalising for Everton.

    That's a confused statement!!
  • Wolves denied a penalty by VAR, one of those where it might have been harsh but anywhere else on the pitch, it would have been blown up for a free kick
  • Fulham score to lead Everton 2-1.
  • And Diego Costa of all people equalising for Everton.

    That is a real good effort as he also scored for Wolves :-)

  • Bournemouth now beating Spurs.
  • Bournemouth will be a problem next week
  • Fulham get a third, leading 3-1 at Everton. Wolves have also got a second against Brentford.
  • Palace leading 2-0 at Soton now, goals flying in all over in the last few minutes. Brighton have also scored to lead 2-1 at Chelsea.
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    Diego Costa has been subbed off by Wolves, hardly surprising he's tired given he's apparently playing for Everton too.
  • I think it has freed him up to come on for the final few minutes at Chelsea
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    3 dropped points for Everton you feel, otherwise results fairly predictable tbh, apart from a potentially huge 3 bonus points for Bournemouth if Spurs can't find a way through. Still 7 minutes plus added time left there as they were late kicking off.
  • Richarlison scores but there was an offside earlier in the move, still 2-1 Bournemouth.
  • Tottenham are level 2-2
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    Now Spurs do equalise, 2-2.

    Will it stand tho, Kane offside potentially interfering with the keeper's view, but, tbh, I don't think he did. Goal stands.
  • Bournemouth 2-3 up
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