West Ham B away at HSBC or summink

What can only be described as a pre match event before my cup final against Zaha FC. Surely this will be a game for our kids and possibly Aguerd and Coventry. I'd also give some game time to Elliot Lee and George Moncur.


  • We going back in time then? Hahaha
  • @Hamstew, Do we really want to play Aguerd against this lot who will probably feel obliged to kick us over the park?
  • I think we should, and will, play Aguerd.
  • I think he'll want to play. He needs game time before the World Cup
  • Man like Ham πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ€‘
  • Zouma was limping badly at the end of the Man United game too. No clue how sections it is but something to consider when deciding whether to play Aguerd
  • I think Aguerd starts this assuming he came through last week's game ok. There's a big difference between playing one of these European fixtures and a PL match, so I think he's still a way off being able to play next weekend (look at how much game time Ogbonna has had in Europe compared to the PL).

    Zouma often seems to end up limping, I think there could be something in the rumour that he's managing a long term (degenerative?) knee issue.
  • Hamstew said:

    I'd also give some game time to Elliot Lee and George Moncur.

    Id like to see Dan Potts start at left back
    And get some more minutes under his belt for Frank Nouble
  • I reckon Pelle Ruddock in for either Soucek or Rice.
  • #Prudz πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŠπŸΏ
  • Manny Omoyinmi and Jonny Ayris to start for me.
  • Not forgetting our β€œlittle” mud lark Brian Deer. =)
  • I hope Moyes makes the call to actually leave players at home as travelling takes it out of you even if not playing. The match has no relevance to us or even the group itself. It would be nice to have a perfect record from the group but not that important, in truth our B team should be able to take three points.

    Were I Moyes I would pick his side for the weekend and leave as many at home as possible.
  • West Ham B away at HSBC or summink

    Think we need to open our account
  • #MrsG_enters_rattling_the_fines_tin
  • MrsGrey said:


    I knew we could bank on that =)
  • Where did I put that fishslap?
  • Harrison Ashby back in training, alongside Coventry, Johnson and Randolph. Looks like he might feature on Thursday. Mubama also pictured, so he may be involved too.
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    MrsGrey said:

    Where did I put that fishslap?

    You could try this -

  • This is apparently the squad who have flown out to Bucharest, according to Ex.

    Areola, Randolph, Hegyi, Aguerd, Ashby, Casey, Clayton, Coufal, Coventry, Downes, Forbes, Fornals, Forson, Johnson, Lanzini, Mubama, Ogbonna, Orford, Scarles, Swyer.
  • Good a nothing game .keep the big guns for Sunday ,also gives some kids a game
  • Mubama or Swyer to start then, as they're the only two strikers in the squad.

    Areola may be benched if Fabianski is a doubt for Sunday.

    Will be good to see some of the kids given a run out.
  • Except the kids as you call them have lost almost all their games this season.
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    I worry for Hams next match thread πŸ˜“
  • Good to hear that most of our PL starters won't even be on the plane for our longest away trip in the group stage πŸ‘
  • Except the kids as you call them have lost almost all their games this season.

    this is a nothing burger game for both sides. Don't think it really matter if the kids lost all their games or not get them a European game and some game time.

    Get fitness into the legs of those that need and some of the underperformers a chance to step up again.
  • Except the kids as you call them have lost almost all their games this season.

    It's a free hit. Nothing resting on the result whatsoever so may as well give the kids an experience they may never get again in their careers whilst protecting the bulk of the first team squad.

    Win win, IMO.
  • But overall a loss 😜🀑
  • Ravel49 said:

    But overall a loss 😜🀑

    Yeah, win win, apart from the result.
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