Lucky handball Hammers vs Silkeborg

For some reason I was ultra confident we'd score two vs Bournemouth. I wanted that 'Zoum' up to 10th place and like a Benni pen we flew into 10th!

Personnel changes await in the conference. But on the pitch I'm hoping Dawson and Cornet will be training. It'd be nice to see Craig moving the 'handy' Kehrer back over to RB. So a run out in this game, if he's fit enough, would be cool.

Silkeborg... Do we care? Of course we do as we'd like to finish top and put our feet up in the last game.

Are they going to score 5 again? I'm taking a wild guess the answer will be


  • I think Dawson gets rested here to allow him to be fully fit for the weekend. Equally I think Coufal is a shoo-in for RB seeing as he's behind both Kehrer and Johnson atm for the PL.

    Ogbonna plays in CD I think, possibly alongside Kehrer as Zouma seems to be treated with cotton wool atm.
  • I hope some of the CBs make it for this one. I’d expect changes to be wrung.

    Areola, Coufal, Emerson, Fornals, Antonio, Ogbonna to come in, hopefully Dawson and Cornet if they’re fit.
  • I wasnt advocating a full game for Dawson, just a bit of a run out prior to next game. Also, I agree on the Coufal RB thing (and I just meant when Dawson returns it'll see Kehrer over at RB again. Just think he's better there than Coufal and Johnson. With the latter in mind, he played so many backward passes tonight. It's deflating when there's next to zero attacking involvement)
  • alderz said:

    I hope some of the CBs make it for this one. I’d expect changes to be wrung.

    Areola, Coufal, Emerson, Fornals, Antonio, Ogbonna to come in, hopefully Dawson and Cornet if they’re fit.

    Pretty sure Lanzini will also come in and I guess Antonio will lead the line.
  • Areola
    Coufal - Dawson - Ogbonna - Emerson
    Downes - Coventry
    Cornet - Fornals - Benrahma
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    Benrahma is unlikely to start.
  • Respect the point to win the group
  • Respect the half a million Euros to win the game. 🤑
  • Big game on Sunday, and only a point needed from this one to cement top spot; I expect to see a considerably weaker team.

    Coufal Kehrer Ogbonna Emerson
    Downes Coventry
    Bowen Lanzini Fornals

    Expecting a stronger bench than usual though for this type of game; I think Moyes will be hoping the understudy's will get the job done but will have the big names there in case.
  • Be interesting to see what sort of team Man U put out on Thurs
    I would expect them to rotate as well and keep players fresh for Sunday, and they should still have enough to beat Sheriff.
    But they need the win to stand a chance of top spot.

  • They have to strive for top spot to miss the CL drop downs that include, currently 3rd spot, Ajax, Atletico, Barca, Milan, Seville and Juve.
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    Exactly 👍🏻
    Reckon Ronaldo will start and Rashford rested for Sunday
  • Dawson, Paqueta, Aguerd all training today. Didn’t see Cornet.
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    Could be reading too much into this, but there’s a training video of 11 players in a circle playing keepy ups & training together, & wondering if it might be the team for Thursday?

    Dawson - Ogbonna - Aguerd
    Coufal - Coventry - Ekwah - Emerson
    Fornals - Lanzini


    Dawson also joins later for Paqueta (who is in the first clip) so maybe Dawson in for him & a back 3 or 4?

    Of course it could just be everybody who didn’t start against Bournemouth.
  • Be nice to see Aguerd involved.
  • I think Aguerd will start.
  • Dawson & Paqueta not yet ready, touch and go for Sunday. Aguerd will be involved in some capacity. Cornet has had a setback in training (via Moyes).
  • Speaking of Sunday, Man Utd will be without Varane.
  • Yeah, hopefully Maguire plays.
  • Latest training video shows the following players:

    Areola, Randolph, Coufal, Ogbonna, Aguerd, Emerson, Coventry, Ekwah, Lanzini, Downes Fornals and Antonio (Dawson visible in the background).

    Would imagine most of these will be in the starting XI tomorrow.
  • Randolph at RB?
  • @Lukerz, It is a new directive in the ECL that you can play two goalkeepers in your fifth game. =)
  • The new directive is for each side to play 11 keepers, that way the handball rule is easier to administer.
  • Looks like a lot of unsold tickets for this one -
  • Good to hear that is.

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    Bowen rested or injured? The rest of the first team are on the bench.
  • Areola
    Johnson - Ogbonna - Aguerd
    Coufal - Fornals - Coventry - Lanzini - Emerson
  • Cant believe Bowen would not at lest be on the bench ,So must have an injure
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