Aston Villa (A) - 28 August

A bit of joy securing the European games is a nice change from the weekend. But now it's another weekend and there'll be a lot of scrutiny around this one.

Gerrard's record is pretty bad with Villa and I've heard there are a lot of unhappy Villa fans. Can we make it worse?


  • Villa looked shockingly bad defensively against Palace on Saturday, so hopefully we can finally get on the PL scoresheet on Sunday.
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    Kehrer - Zouma - Cresswell
    Johnson - Lanzini - Rice - Fornals
    Scamacca - Antonio

    Fabianski, Ogbonna, Coufal, Emerson, Coventry, Downes, Soucek, Cornet, Bowen

    I think this formation will be the one used. Moyes had the personnel to go with his standard 4-2-3-1 against Viborg but noticeably played this with Scamacca & Conet up top. He is going to find it hard to keep Scamacca out of the side much longer, given his 2 goals in 2 starts. Bowen has struggled so far for form. I imagine Fab will stay in goal & Ogbonna will be unable to start another game quickly, especially the intensity of the PL.

    Moyes could easily select Bowen & Coufal instead of Scamacca & Johnson. I doubt he’ll throw Emerson straight in. I also expect Soucek will start in CM after his goal & assist yesterday. I think that side will cause Villa issues.

    I think what is important is the side needs freshening up from Brighton, whether that’s personnel, formation or both.
  • Villa also don't seem to want to play with wingers, and regularly play 2 up top, so the 3-4-1-2 system could work very nicely against them. I would worry about Fornals at wing back against Cash, as he's basically their key player.
  • We have Cornet and Emerson now for wing back as well. Hopefully if we do that, they'd be playing on the weekend.
  • Scamacca has to start, we need goals and he knows how to put the ball in the back of the net

    Also Johnson has to start over Coufal who is looking lost for all confidence
  • Saw Dawson training in the background of the training video today.
  • Gerrard reports that everyone if fit apart from Diego Carlos

    A fairly predictable starting XI,

    Cash Konsa Mings Digne
    McGinn Kamara ??????
    ????? Wilson ?????

    Third midfielder is a toss up between Jacob Ramsey who started all three Premier League matches or Douglas Luiz who started and scored against Bolton

    Danny Ings and Philippe Coutinho started the first two games but were benched against Palace with Leon Bailey and Emiliano Buendía preferred.

    Bailey has done well the last couple of games, providing an assist against Palace and scoring against Bolton. Coutinho seems to be struggling this season,
  • That Wilson chap, is he allowed to play or Villa too? Also thought he was injured. I'll get me best pedantic coat and be on me merry way then
  • Good work Holmes.. or should that be… 🕵️‍♂️
  • Watkins? Wilson? What's the difference?

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    Predicted 11 today

    Kehrer - Zouma - Cresswell
    Johnson - Soucek - Rice - Emerson
    Bowen - Antonio

    I would go

    Kehrer - Zouma - Cresswell
    Johnson - Soucek - Rice - Emerson
    Scamacca - Antonio

    It is time now for Moyes to freshen it up, not go with the same 11 we’ve used this season. A couple of changes , whether that be Emerson, Scamacca, Cornet etc but we need some fresh enthusiasm to bring the levels of the rest of the side up.
  • I think we might see Fornals and Scamacca in for Emerson and Benrahma, from that side.
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    True, he could go with Fornals LWB. I just think if you’ve got a proper LWB fit, okay them instead of the make-shift central midfielder.

    I think a bold selection today will see us win.
  • Despite the formation on Thursday, I think we'll see our usual 4-2-3-1.

    I can't see Emerson coming in for Cresswell quite so soon, and I suspect Coufal starts over Johnson. Given what he said about Scamacca, Antonio starts as well.

    Coufal Zouma Kehrer Cresswell
    Soucek Rice
    Bowen Benrahma Fornals
  • Ex suggesting it’s a back 3 with Emerson potentially involved
  • I know it’s all about having a strong squad, but what’s the point of buying a lot of players and not playing them? Some of the team are clearly off form, so the likes of Coufal, Soucek, Antonio and even Bowen could be replaced IMO. Remember what happened to the likes of Vlasic when tlhey play - I’m all for loyalty, but there is a limit!
  • Vlasic with his first goal for Torino yest
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    Fabiański, Johnson, Kehrer, Zouma, Cresswell, Emerson, Rice ©, Souček, Bowen, Fornals, Scamacca

    I was well wrong, although happy to be so. With Cresswell and Emerson we must be playing 3 at the back.
  • He's dropped Benrahma? 🤔
  • feel sorry for Benni who has done well but at least freshened the side up
  • Just to calm everyone’s worries, I made the tea in the CORRECT cup this morning.

    Carry on.
  • Not sure who is going to supply Scamacca .Perhaps we do need that Brazil kid
  • feel sorry for Benni who has done well but at least freshened the side up

    I'm hoping rotation rather than anything else. He's comfortably out-performed Bowen so far this season.

    If he starts v Spurs then fine, but can't do his confidence much good otherwise.
  • Paqueta in for Coventry & what a decent squad that is
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    Cash Chambers Konsa Digne
    McGinn (c) Kamara Luiz
    Watkins Ings

    Mings missing which is good news, he's probably the best CB they have available
  • 5-3-2 I reckon
  • Looks like Fornals in behind Scamacca and Bowen. I must admit, I think the Bowen of last season would work brilliantly off Scamacca, so I'm excited to see how they work together.
  • It’s a safe side for me, with Cornet, Benrahma & Antonio on bench. May give Villa upper hand?
  • Lukerz said:

    5-3-2 I reckon

    In defence, probably. In attack, I like to think it's the 3-4-1-2 that we played under Harry
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