West Ham v Arsenal (H): Sunday 1st May 2022; 16:30



  • Another Arsenal player pretending to be injured.

  • Sako should have been booked for that piece of time wasting
  • Another Arsenal player pretending to be injured.

    Deliberate hand ball too.
  • And now we're denied a corner. Lino 100% reacted to the Arsenal appeals.
  • “Antonio would have known it was a goal kick” as we watch it come off the Arsenal players thigh to go out of play…
  • Now robbed of a blatant corner.
  • Alan Smith is as blind as a bat. That should have been a corner. Comes off Gabriels thigh.
  • Oh, Saka down 'injured' again. Nice team.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Another Arsenal player pretending to be injured.

    Deliberate hand ball too.
    Should have had a second booking.
  • Added time should be up at the 7 minutes Chelsea were given, somehow I think we'll be lucky to get 5 mins.
  • I really hope Spurs stuff em when they play.
  • We’ve been worse since Antonio has come on. I fear we are go8ng to come unstuck big time by putting all our efforts into the EL because we need a massive improvement on Thursday to get anything out of that.
  • Bowen gets literally kneed in the head but is straight back up on his feet. Any Arsenal player and he's down for 17 minutes.
  • Just goes to show how far they have fallen, with all these time wasting tactics.
  • Arsenal really have become a 'win at any cost' team. Horrible, horrible team now.
  • 4 mins only, after all the time wasting, disgrace.
  • more time wasting
  • Despise this Arsenal team.
  • We bring a striker on and he's taking throw ins. Sure.
  • bunch of cheats like the manager
  • We got nothing at all from the officials today.
  • We are not good when opponents pack their defence. We just don’t have the ability to break them down.’
  • Such an annoying defeat. Arsenal haven't even played well. We gifted them two goals and then they killed the last 20 minutes by cheating.

    We played well today, but just didn't create enough and gave away two cheap goals.

    Gutted, really.
  • We’ve really poorly managed the last few games. Lost all momentum & form ahead of a huge game.
  • still 1 win in 6 despite how we play its not good enough, roll on Thursday
  • Another defeat....Only 1 win in 6.....

    Lost all form at the wrong end of the season

    All eyes on Thursday now
  • Two shots second half - not good enough
  • For a number of years. I have had a secret soft spot for Arsenal, thought they played good stuff and I respected some of their big names, any such thoughts have been destroyed in this Arteta era.

  • This Arsenal side will be destroyed in Europe
  • Also, that Bowen yellow was a joke & he should not just be accepting that. No contact but clearly endangering a player with a studs up challenge when he was not going to get the ball. Should have been a foul.
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