West Ham v Arsenal (H): Sunday 1st May 2022; 16:30



  • Loss hahaha
  • Im guessing coufal, zouma, cresswell as a back 3 with Fredericks and Fornals wing-backs
  • Fabianski
    Coufal Zouma Cresswell
    Fredericks Noble Rice Lanzini Fornals
    Bowen Benrahma
  • I just don't know why Moyes doesn't try Alese. A CB playing at CB. And if Diop is fit for the bench, surely he's fit to play. If Zouma gets injured two minutes in, presumably he'll come on. So why not start him?

    Ah well, Wolves and Leicester losing means this is a free hit for 6th.
  • Fredericks Coufal Zouma Cresswell?

    Or Coufal Zouma Cresswell Fredericks?

    I haven't got a clue what we're doing at the back today 😂

    Ex saying it's the second one. Back four with Fredericks at LB.
  • at least diop is back for the run in
  • just checking on sky if we are still playing, I guess not
  • Hopeful but not expecting much. Just really dislike this Arsenal team these days, mostly because of Arteta. COYI
  • Sky have it as a back three.

    Lot of pace in the Arsenal attack. Not a lot in our defence. Worried.
  • Whar shade of yellow is Arsenal's away kit?

  • Fredericks is an awful RB, can't wait to see him at LB........

    Not confident
  • Cresswell concedes a needless corner 20 seconds in. Could be a long game.
  • I want to beat this lot
  • Johnson failed a fitness test it seems
  • They always put Alan Smith on comms for this match. He's so biased.
  • Fredericks is an awful RB, can't wait to see him at LB........

    Not confident

    Played well there last time, can't remember who it was against. Chelsea?
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    We look like a small side out there. I reckon Coufal, Cresswell, Noble, Lanzini, Fornals, Benrahma and Bowen are are all under 6ft.

    Not going to be a lot of headers won today. We're going to struggle physically.
  • It looks like we're playing very wide, but have no-one in the box to cross to. Only Rice and Zouma with any height from set pieces, too.
  • No chance at corners today.
  • No chance at corners today.

    Yeah, not sure where the goals are going to come from today.
  • Started okay
  • Think we’ve started pretty well. Not expecting anything today and enjoying it.
    I agree with the tactics comments though. Usually we have 4 tall players, today we have 2 so think we’re playing with too much width.
  • Formation looks like
    Coufal Zouma Cresswell Fredericks
    Noble Rice
    Fornals Lanzini Benrahma
  • No real hold up play, either. We can play the ball up to the front three but can't really make it stick.

    In the game, but carrying no real attacking threat.
  • Looks like there's more space down the right than the left. Might be worth switching Bowen with Fornals so he's up against the dodgy Tavares.
  • Fornals has started poorly. Too many misplaced passes already.
  • Fornals not started well
  • Zouma playing CF
  • Is Cresswell our shortest starting CB in a back 4 since Steve Potts?
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