International Matches - September 2019 and October 2019



  • How is Jesse Lingard still getting called up for England?

    But good to see Deccers there again :clap:
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    And Oxlade-Chamberlain straight back in :hmm:
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    Dekkers :clap:
  • When is his name going to morph into Desmond? And then from there into Issy or Rae or even Lite. :biggrin:
  • Apparently Grady has been called up to U21 squad
  • England Starting Line up ?


    Trent / Gomez / Maguire / Chilwell

    Mount / Henderson / Maddison

    Sancho / Kane / Sterling
  • I'd be a little surprised if both Maddison and Mount started, so I reckon you'll be 10/11 on that
  • don't think he will start Rice
  • Depends what formation he plays, I guess. 4-2-3-1 and I'd imagine Rice and Henderson would be the two, with Sancho, Sterling and possibly Barkley behind Kane.
  • At least he can't get injured on the bench - can he ? :pray:
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    Wan-Bisaka got injured in training...
  • Any connection between the boss, and one of the scorers for Italy. Unless Pellegrini is a 'Smith' type name :doh:
  • Hamstew said:

    Apparently Grady has been called up to U21 squad

    Although doesn't seem to be featured in the match day squad. :puzzled:
  • Rice starts
  • And praise from Roy Keane!
  • Expect a few changes for the Kosovo game, whom look the most dangerous opponents in the group. But you would expect England to blow them away like they have with every other team so far especially at home.

    I'd be surprised if we don't qualify with 2 games to spare. Which would give Gareth a nice tester for a lot of younger players / U21s he might want to give a shot.

  • Banana skin ahead: as a very new footballing nation, Kosovo are going to be playing out of their skin (sorry) and won't be easy to break down. A core of experience needed to keep everyone focused.
  • Rice keeps his place in the England team
  • Rice will be in that side for many years to come
  • here’s hoping but in football you never know
  • Lukerz said:

    Rice will be in that side for many years to come

    Especially so if we accept the (alleged) £90m for him from Man U in January
  • They could have Sanchez for £9 and save themselves some cash
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    Fascinating reading re: Kosovo

    There are a whole slew of countries around the world who do not actually recognise Kosovo as a country - the main reasoning being that its universal Declaration of Independence was considered contrary to international law.

    Countries such as Spain, Greece, Israel and India on that list.
  • There's some pig-ignorant people out there. Not news in itself I know, but reading through some of the comments on Twitter about Rice is gear-grindingly painful;

    'not creative enough',

    'what does he have that Maddison and Mount don't?'

    'not exactly pulling up trees for the Hammers'

  • What was that from Keane?!
  • That's why Rice plays for England. He breaks up the Kosovo attack and we go up the other end and score. :bowdown:
  • I thought Rice was in the team to score goals...

  • He's been brilliant. Great defensive work and keeps the ball moving.

    Won't get the headlines, but he's a very important cog in this team now.
  • Sterling is showing world class form. Brilliant. (And yes I know it's Kosovo).
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