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The Transfer Window 2: Electric Boogaloo



  • I seem we are insisting the new manager honours the traditions of the club when it comes to transfers. ;wink
  • oh dear ;doh
  • "Ex also confirmed in the show tonight that he has been told that the majority of remaining signings won't be made until the last 2 weeks of the window which closes on 9th August"

    Hoping our targets will become cheaper?

    Hoping our £40m 'targets' are snapped up by other clubs so we can say 'we tried'?


    (I may or may not have my cynical head on tonight)
  • Gives him time to assess the squad in Switzerland
  • Not prepared to accept any logic or reason, PLF...
  • edited July 2018

    the majority of remaining signings

    What does that actually mean?

    How many 'remaining signings' are we expecting (given that we've made 3 already), and therefore how many will a 'majority' of that remainder be? And when will the minority of the remaining signings be made then .... in the next 3 weeks, if his reporting is to be believed.

    Sounds like a non-story to me.
  • edited July 2018
    Edit: OCS should stop reading now, because there follows a dose of logic and a drizzle of reason ;biggrin plus a splash of opinion.

    If we sign (say) 5 more and a majority (say 3) are signed in the last 2 weeks of the transfer window ...

    We would have signed the majority (5 )of our (total 8) new players in he early part of the window.

    And anyway, so what?

    As long as the manager gets players he is happy with, in positions he wants, I don't care what day they sign.
  • Sounds like reason to me... ;hmm
  • ninja ;whistle
  • That defies all logic
  • If we were to sign 3 more players and two of those arrived in the last 2 weeks of the window that would be the majority of the remaining signings. The only problem with that is the top clubs will be hoovering up the better players sooner than later I would assume? ;ok
  • edited July 2018
    Why is that a problem. We aren't really competing with 'top clubs' for 'better players'.

    They have more money, can offer better prospects and are, you know, 'top clubs'.
  • Mrs G,

    We should be competing with the top clubs otherwise they will continue to be a top club and we will be one of the also rans! MP must surely expect us to be competitive, which without some very good additions we are unlikely to be. Maybe I am just one of Big Sams deluded West Ham Fans!
  • We cant not pursue top quality players in the fear that we are gonna lose out to better teams

    Dont really like the idea of leaving it late,as i judt cant see how this squad is good enough even if pellegrini raised the levels of some of the players currently on the books

    I am happy that Pellegrini is willing to give players a chance

    But the holes in this squad are clear to see and no one on the books can currently fill those gaps (possibly Rice at DM could work) imo
  • We can agree to pay whatever clubs want for whatever players we want but it's unlikely they would sign for us over a "top club", by which I assume you mean top 6, because against those we have nothing to really offer.
    I'm sure, or at least I'm hoping, that Pellegrini knows what he wants to do within the financial boundaries he knows he has and just maybe we will get what he believes we need.
  • It would be nice for a change for us to sign a few players that some of the big clubs would have liked to have had and then their supporters can complain "I wished we could have signed them" ;pray
  • Fortune

    Like Fredericks and Diop?
  • Tbf I don't think I saw anyone jelous of us getting those 2

    But Hernandes, Arnie and Manu perhaps
  • Tbf I don't think I saw anyone jelous of us getting those 2

    But Hernandes, Arnie and Manu perhaps

    With regards to Arnie and Lanzini. No one was overly excited when we first signed them (including many of our own fans). We can’t compete with the big boys. It’s unlikely that we’re going to sign a superstar. Even if we can agree terms with the team, are they going to want to come to us?

    That leaves us with 3 choices.:
    - Buy someone experienced who’s at the latter end of his career and hope he still has some of the magic (Hernandez).
    - Buy someone with potential (Lanzini).
    - Or buy someone who’s a solid middle of the road performer and hope he’s a hidden gem (Arnie).

    For every gamble that pans out, you probably have 2-3 that don’t (Evra, Snodgrass, Ayew to just name a few).
  • Issa Diop is highly rated and I bet a few clubs are jealous we got him
  • MrsGrey said:

    As long as the manager gets players he is happy with, in positions he wants, I don't care what day they sign.

    As long as they are not desperate, out of contract signings made after deadline day like Evra
  • I fail to understand why people still try to use the Evra signing as some kind of stick to beat the club with.

    It happened under a very specific set of circumstances, and hardly represents our main transfer policy.
  • Still need a lot more signings, squad is largely average.
  • Grey

    Tbf it was a terrible decision (IMO). When you look at him in the tv studios he looks as though he retired five years ago. Any injuries in that position should have meant us dipping into the development squad for backfill because I fail to see how this would have been worse.

    And the owners did also sign Mladen Petric which was another rip roaring success.
  • It was Moyes' decision, and he was good enough to be playing for OM at the start of the season

  • Whilst I get why the club signed Evra, if I was in the dev squad (as a left sided defender) it would hardly have filled me with confidence that the club had any faith in me
  • Baz

    And if it were me, I'd be asking Westley and Moyes what I needed to do to start being considered.

    Most development squad players are not going to make it into our first team.
  • edited July 2018
    For me, as it was a relatively short period of time, I would've not considered paying Evra X amount of thousands a week while Arthur was out. Someone couldve filled in there from dev squad or from central defence (e.g. Cresswell or Rice + promoting a dev player to the bench). We were hardly watertight anyway. Not my money of course but it couldve gone to something else.
  • edited July 2018
    Skybet 1/8 we sign Wilshere... Bookies rarely wrong with those sort of odds (or rarely wrong full stop when I have a bet ;doh )

    #he's coming home
  • I mean Masuaku was banned for 6 games.... i cant defend the board for Evra, espeically as he was probably on big wages for what he actually contributed

    We had a few options to fill in at LWB already in the squad and given how highly rated Neuville is i dont see why he couodnt have played some minutes
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