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World Cup Last 16 and onwards (excluding England matches)



  • I enjoyed Martin Keown saying that anyone reading a book should get a life. ;lol
  • He’s such a twonk.... ;doh
  • I like it when they pair up Dixon and Le Saux on NBC. We dont get GNev in USA. He's too busy reciprocating Suz's crush on him I guess ;puzzled
  • Baz ;ok

    Think Dixon & Le Saux are two of the best co-comm pundits.
  • I may be in a minority here, but I cannot stand those sickly and nauseating interviews given by Gabby Logan. Of all the significant challenges the England squad face in progressing through the tournament, the prospect of having to front up to her must be chief amongst them.

    She came up with one pointless line in the post match interview with Southgate yesterday which was met by a quality response from him where he basically said he had no idea what she was going on about ;lol
  • I don't mind them too much. They're a bit fawning - but that seems par for the course in all coverage atm.
  • edited July 8
    A big ;clap to Southgate
    Is own man
    Funny all the Hazbeens have soooo much to say, if they was any good they would of won the World Cup, what do they know?
    Nothing, none of them been has in this boat.
    ;cheers mr Southgate
  • I freely admit, I had serious doubts about Gareth Southgate as England manager, I was firmly in the Allardyce should not have been sacked camp. But on reflection, big Sam would have played a 442 against Sweden, and honestly under his guidance I doubt we would have progressed this far.
  • Bilic talks a lot of nonsense on ITV. Pretty much everything he said against Croatia, the opposite happened.
  • For info, discussion comparing this tournament with past tournaments has been moved here:
  • I see Brazils team bus was pelted with stones and eggs when they got home ;puzzled
  • ;hmm nowt sofar
  • Antoine Griezmann (France) swings in a dangerous cross from the resulting corner kick, but none of his teammates manage to outjump the defence.
  • Can’t jump won’t jump ;lol
  • edited July 10
    Suckreeblur France 1-0
  • I’m surprised by the fact there’s only been 1 goal. I thought they’d be a few more...
  • Turns out France can defend, which is a tad annoying.
  • France it is then.
  • When did James Tomkins change his name to Carrasco and become Belgian? ;lol
  • So Belgium had their big game vs Brazil, is that Frances big performance? #itscominghome
  • So, Belgium v Croatia for 3rd place then.

    I have a shilling on the final.
  • I see Brazils team bus was pelted with stones and eggs when they got home ;puzzled

    Was Neymar injured? ;whistle
  • France leading. Easy goal.
  • For me it shouldn’t have been a free kick. He was going to ground before the challenge came in.
  • Penalty surely
  • Not for me

    Think its a really poor decision imo

    Hope france miss
  • edited July 15
    The ref concurs.with Herb
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