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Pellegrini Confirmed as West Ham Manager (22.05.18) - already (September) there are doubters



  • Why was Moyes on a loser? he agreed a 6 month contract with no further commitment on either side; Did his job, got paid handsomely and the contract ended. He was then in competition with whoever else is available. That's life working on a contractual basis.

    Always assuming this report is true...

    And always assuming that our staying up was the only qualification for Pellegrini coming.
  • Sadly it sounds all too believable...….
  • I think what also needs to be remembered is that Moyes was probably close the last chance saloon in terms of managing at the highest level, so the Dave’s took a massive risk in taking him on and arguably had more to lose than Moyes had it not worked
  • He was well paid for his 6 month contract and has, imo, improved his reputation somewhat.
  • But who sanctioned hugill then ?
  • edited May 2018
    Don't see the issue with signing Hugill.

    Sakho was determined to do the off, and we needed cover.

    We spent what we got for Sakho, and if/when we sell Hugill we've turned a profit.

    Striker is always the most difficult position to fill, and how many proven strikers were going to be tempted by 'we'd like you as 4th choice backup' in a team at the wrong end of the table?
  • its called "looking to your academy"
  • What is?

    And who would we have looked to?

    And what good would it have done them?
  • My point grey wasn’t a dig more on the IF our new manager had been sounded out prior to letting Moyes go, who’s decision was it to spend the money on him and not play him, I won’t judge the boy because he hasn’t been given a chance
  • I think in this instance we may as well have looked to the Academy.

    For the impact that Hugill had, there's an argument to say that any of our U23 or U18 forwards could have filled that role. There's probably an argument that a traffic cone could've done an equally good job.

    I know this is with hindsight, but £9m for a 4th choice striker with no PL experience and only an average record in the Championship does seem like a waste of money.
  • I think in theory the Hugnil signing wasn't too bad as he was an effective championship striker that wasn't costing the earth at a time we needed back up. We couldn't maybe get a main striker in that window or maybe wanted to spend bigger funds elsewhere on a defensive midfielder (that didn't happen, I know), so on paper Hugnil looked a decent shout.

    Unfortunately, and for reasons we cant know, he must have seriously disappointed Moyes in training as he has failed to use him even when there were obvious opportunities to introduce him.

    I hope he will get an opportunity next season to take his chance as we bought him and he deserves a chance, which if he cannot take is down to him, but to be bought and not allowed a chance is quite harsh. I feel sure he has a decent contract compared to his Preston one but that will feel like small consolation when sitting on a bench when he could have been still playing each week for Preston.
  • edited May 2018

    It's not really a waste of money, unless he goes for free.

    He cost what we got for Sakho, so essentially a zero spend.

    Looking to the Academy, you were probably realistically looking at Martinez.

    He got almost as much game time in his first sub appearance for Valladolid as Hugill got all season (for us.)

    I'd say, in terms of development, it was better for him to be on loan and playing, than keeping the bench warm.

    Can you imagine the reaction if Sully had come out and said we weren't going to bother trying to replace Sakho?
  • Could be argued grey that they didn’t replace sakho because they didn’t play him, now I know sakho wasn’t playing either so hardly a replacement
  • We gave Martinez a chance in the FA Cup against Shrewsbury and Wigan, he played 220 minutes without scoring.

    He got booked within a minute of coming off the bench for his first Valladolid appearance (the new John Moncur?) and was booked in each of his next three appearances. He got a fifth yellow and missed a game suspended before he finally scored his only goal.
  • Martinez doesn’t look that good to me, more of a seria B type player. Hugil was a wild card, would have loved to see more of him, but Moyes only had his eye on the prize.
  • From a toffee, nice to be in the lead for a change...

    Can't believe West Ham and Arsenal have both appointed top managers and we are dragging out appointing a former Hull and Watford manager. It gives me hope we are in secret negotiations with Zidane .
  • You have to say, Sully has done really well. Especially if he has been quietly plotting all of this since November, and perhaps not even letting DG in on it!!
  • edited May 2018
    I think he did mention it to David Gold and since then David has just been expecting a job lot of sparkling water to arrive, still looking at his watch now.
  • Kids medium on the right...
  • We should have held out for Zidane ;whistle
  • Just read on newsfeeds Pellegrini and his wife robbed at gun point by gun men who fired at cops
  • Where did it happen?
    Thought he was on holiday.
  • Santiago I think it said they were in Chile waiting to go out with friends apparently
  • He’ll fit into the East End ok
  • West ham luck has struck him already
  • Think harry Kane has claimed it lol
  • Its not funny - our transfer kitty was in that purse ;angry
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