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  • January transfer window

    Van Dyck moved from the Saints to Liverpool at the beginning of the window, and scored on his debut. He has played in every Liverpool game this window.
    Apart from the Burnley and Man City games...
  • Wigan away (match thread) the glamour tie of the round, 27.1.18

    Madcap - i'm sure i read only Ogbonna has played every game under Moyes. Agree Arthur could do with a rest though.
    I think you`re right there, I don`t think Oggy has missed a minute.
    I looked up the line-ups in all games since Moyes joined (league + cups). Yes, you are right.
  • January transfer window

    So round up,

    Suz will be starting a Shelvey Fan Club.

    Since I've been to sleep we seem to have lost Arnie to injury.

    Our only Fit attacking MF we have the moment is Ayew.

    We have 4 very important games during this people of high injury...

    If we draw every games between now and the end of the season we've safe.
  • January transfer window


    A quick google and I found this from July 2016 when Mkhitaryan joined Man Utd (via the Guardian).

    “This move is a dream come true for me”

    At least he’s consistent?
  • January transfer window

    It's been a while since someone wheeled out the my dream move, I thought that was consigned to the past. Let's hope Arnie doesn't develop a dream move anytime soon.

    Grey, I think in the absence of any evidence as a scout we may have an instinctive feel, a bit like if I said I think John Terry would make a good manager but that Andy Carroll wouldn't, I don't know and no one does until they take on that role but I would have that feel, rightly or wrongly. It's a good example and it's like being in the pub and your mate says I think Terry would make a good manager and you can agree or disagree, or say that there is no way he can know that, one sort of gives rise to conversation and one ends it there.

    What happened was I came in and read through the thread and my two immediate thoughts to the rumours were that I would have sent someone other than Pearce, on nothing but the instinctive view and reasons that prompt it as pointed to, and the other that it would be a travesty if we let Ginge go and he should be groomed for a backroom role. This is also instinctive as Ginge might be the most objectionable disruptive influence in the dressing room, but instinctively, an instinct prompted by how I have observed him in a very limited way available lead me to a feel he would be a good influence, but again I really don't know but am always happy to use the forum to share a thought or two. I also respect the view that when he was a manager Stuart had some success on buying players which is equally valid to prompt someone to feel he might actually be a decent scout, always happy to be asked why and disagreed with, part of the forum.
  • The Boleyn Arms Christmas and New Year Spectacular with all the regulars

    cut up,,,, boiled, mashed, then roasted with cheese
    And the faintest touch of Ginger
  • January transfer window

    Just looked on transfermarkt for Notts forest the window he managed them so 2014 summer

    Among the signings he made there were a few players that did pretty well it seems in Michael Mancienne who is still their first choice CB and Britt Assombalonga who moved to Boro after impressing

    Oh yea....he also brought in Michail Antonio from sheffield wednesday for £1.7mil...

    For a manager used to international management he's got a decent eye it seems
  • January transfer window

    I wonder if Chelsea would let Musonda leave on loan, I read a week ago celtic were interested in him

    He's been among their best prospects over the last few years, has shown in cameos he's got real quality but atm he's down in the pecking order

  • January transfer window

    Thing is guys you have to remember....it's Ayew

    It's all well and good saying we need to learn how to get better selling our players...then turn down a respectable offer for a player who as Jay said is merely a squad player....the exact type of player we should be looking at raising funds

    We can hold out for the full value...but risk driving teams off because with as a neutral club I would think £20 mil is wayyyyy to high for Ayew (even in this market) and would be appalledif we were after him for that much. This isn't us trying to play hard ball over a player like Lanzini, Arnie etc this is a guy who has been very poor for us

    Yes Swansea are desperate, but they also aren't loaded financially they aren't going to put all their eggs in the Ayew basket....

    I'd jump for joy if Swansea panic and buy him for £20mil and will congratulate the board for holding out! But i just cant see it, and I dont want to be stuck with a player who isn't good enough for us thats just wasting away his value + our wages

    It's the same view I have on Sakho, I see a lot of people complaining about him going to Palace....but how does it help us!!! There are 13 teams in the relegation scrap every year and the english league has the highest income...chances are there are going to be a few clubs who are gonna get our players. Is Sakho realistically gonna play much (or any role this season), no, then sell him

    Obviously it's dependant on replacements but surely the board/club have a long list of targets (if they don't then what else is there to say) that we can buy WITHOUT selling anyone and the potential sales of Ayew and Sakho could get a couple more from their list
  • The SledgeHammerMan69 FACup MinuteGame (A) Wigan 27.01.18 15:00

    09 DJ Hammer
    11 IronHerb
    17 Expat_Hammer
    19 MrsGrey
    22 CleverTrevor
    23 Hammerex
    25 Cuz1
    32 swhts
    37 thornburyiron
    38 ClaretandBlueforLife
    40 imagelost
    58 everhopeful
    62 Brother_Sledge