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  • ManUtd (H) - 29 Sept 18 12:30pm ko - Match Thread

    Even our dinner is a hammers fan
    Dodger58MunichHammersteveMcHammerchicagohammergrey_til_I_dyeIronHerbPrestonHammerimagelostHammerwombatwhupathmanMrsGreySuzanneClaretMoojorGiant_HammerAdamswhtsKen_EggSlaven_Cups_His_Beardironmike44ammerinaberdeenPearces_Left_FootheathrowhammerTrondheimrobSlojoBubblesNeverDiesDeanscaleshammerjay_in_cptBrother_SledgeLukerzASLEFshruggedExpat_HammerVorselaarhammercarsonroadboydeehammerDJ HammerKuchinghammerHammerdublin
  • ManUtd (H) - 29 Sept 18 12:30pm ko - Match Thread

    My daughter was Mascot today and therefore I am putting the win firmly at her feet. I will be informing the club that they need to retain her services for the rest of the season, at least.
    Very proud Dad today. She came out with Nobes.
  • Heung Min, there’s no need to feel down... (Spurs match thread 5 May)

    Oh my, and I've just welcomed my first grandchild into the world. A little boy. It doesn't get any better than this. ;biggrin
  • Smash Those Potters - Stoke (A) Match Thread 16.12.17 3pm


    Did David Moyes start the last three match threads.

    No, he did not.

    You are all welcome ;biggrin
  • Where do we go next?

    I so wish we could fast forward 3 months to Xmas...

    Couple of points that have been mentioned; this stuff about Moyes 'sorting out the sides fitness'. Personally, much like the 'made us solid with the back five' one, I think that is a complete myth too. We took many thrashings under Moyes & there were plenty of games where we looked far from fit. A few I can think of way into his tenure included Liverpool (4-1), Swansea (4-1), Burnley (0-3), Man City (1-4), Arsenal (4-1), Stoke (1-1). So let's not pretend we were this fully functioning solid, fit unit. He tweaked the system & we intertwined the thrashings with important victories, normally led by MOTM performances by Arnie.

    Also, just a quick comparison, our results last season away at Anfield, the Emirates, at home to Bournemouth & last seasons equivalent side to Wolves (Newcastle, who won the Championship the season before), saw us record results of 4-1, 4-1, 1-1 (a game we were also losing) & 2-3; a grand total of 1 point from 12. Our next few fixtures - Everton (a), Chelsea (h), Man Utd (h), Brighton (a), Spurs (h) - saw us take 4 points last season. So, actually, if we sit with 5 points after 9 games, we are on par with last seasons equivalent. If we take 6 or more, we have improved. In other words, a point at Everton puts us level with the equivalent set of fixtures last season.

    I think if we are going to get fully on board with a Pelle & player bashing, we need to do so looking at it fairly. Personally I feel being constructive is better than labelling the side & management useless. Merse & Bellers piping up is also a bit needless (plus Cottee). None of them know anything beyond what we all know. They don't know who wanted the players, who we didn't sign, who Pelle didn't ask for & we also haven't settled on an 11 to play a certain style, so to say we've been 'sussed' is almost laughable.

    Finally, this is what happens when you continually have seasons where the board don't know what they want or where they want to go. Grant, followed by stability Sam, followed by ambitious Bilic, followed by another short term fix. They have finally settled on a lucrative manager, given him money & said 'make it happen'. Reality is it doesn't just 'happen', & whilst you could have a go at the Dave's for being so indecisive in the past, always going to the quick fix, they have now decided they want to overhaul the management, scouting, squad & playing style, & we have to go with that & see it through. Not start talking about abandoning it after 3 weeks.
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  • Transfer Director Tony Henry (suspended) dismissed by club

    Always believe in ;ccole has his say...

    "Not many people have played for West Ham United longer than me and African players have always been made most welcome by the fans and club," said Cole in a statement to the Press Association.

    "I am of African heritage and am indeed proud of that, I am also proud to have played for my country. In my nine years at West Ham United it was fantastic, the fans and club have always judged players on their football ability, work ethic and loyalty.

    "West Ham United is a club that is proud of its diversity and has not tolerated discrimination during the whole time I played there and been associated with the club.
  • Lookman! Don’t Ayew Rooney perfectly Goodison Wednesday evening (A Everton 29.11.17 Match Thread)

    ;quaver You've got Sam Allardyce, You've got Sam Allardyce ;quaver

    We sang to the Everton fans early on.

    ;quaver We need Sam Allardyce, We need Sam Allardyce ;quaver

    We sang after the 3rd goal.

    The Everton fans stood up and applauded.

    That was the nights highlight.
  • The London Stadium Season Two (2017/18)

    So my American soon to be Mrs introduced me to the Boston Red Sox, I introduced her to West Ham, now we’re both fanatical about each other’s teams and now our favourite baseball team will be playing at our favourite football team’s stadium on what will be our first wedding anniversary. Things do work out well sometimes. ;thumbsup ;scarf ;scarveng
  • The new manager hunt (was the Moyes thread) only 3 days to wait...

    What I’ve found particularly interesting already is how Moyes has added value to the side and how it’s evolved over his first five games. What has he done which we can confidently say is different to what Bilic would’ve done?

    His team selection for Watford was:

    Zabaleta - Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Noble - Obiang - Kouyate
    Arnautovic - Carroll - Lanzini

    A very ‘Moyes’ XI on paper. Square pegs in square holes, a target man, three grafters in midfield, experience, 4-3-3/4-5-1 system etc.

    Since then we’ve seen two major tweaks which I feel confident we wouldn’t have seen under Bilic. The first is the introduction of Masuaku as a winger (started 4 out of his 5 matches) and, despite IMO being a bit erratic, he’s clearly favoured by Moyes as he has stuck with him for all the games since Watford. Bilic played him occasionally, mainly as a LB or LWB, with the odd cameo further forward. Moyes has converted him to a wide midfielder. His directness and pace are big assets for us, given we lack both, and certainly have given us an outlet in recent weeks.

    Secondly, the major tweak has been this recent switch of Cresswell, from a LB to a LCB in the back 3. Another tactical switch I don’t feel Bilic would’ve incorporated. What it has allowed is Reid to move across from CB position No.2 to No.1 (right sided) and Ogbonna (the main change) to move to be the central CB of the three (as opposed to the LCB). Whilst it might be a slightly irrelevant change to many (does it make that much difference), it actually has made Ogbonna look a lot better because it’s covered his major flaw; decision making when getting drawn out to a wide area. That little corridor between Cresswell at LB and Ogbonna at LCB in a back four has caused many issues which have often resulted in Ogbonna giving away penalties. He is now shielded by two other players, with the added security of the wingbacks. So this little tweak which has shifted Ogbonna along one place and converted Cresswell to a LCB has made us look very solid against two exceptional attacking lines.

    The final obvious bit of added value has been Arnie, who I think we can all agree has had his best spell of performances since Moyes has taken over. Even his display at Watford was a marked improvement on what we saw under Bilic.

    There is also the inclusion of Adrian, something which may not have happened under the previous regime, but has certainly coincided with an upturn in defensive performances too.

    So the side has evolved since his first selection to:

    Reid - Ogbonna - Cresswell
    Zabaleta - Noble - Obiang - Masuaku
    Arnautovic - Lanzini

    The move of Cresswell to CB has been an inspired call. He’s not the first full-back to successfully convert to a CB in recent times in sides which play a back three/five. Azpilicueta of Chelsea, Monreal of Arsenal, Davies at Spurs. I think it gives the back three that added dimension when you can have a more aggressive and technically assured player playing as one of the three, otherwise you get into the trap of putting in three solid CB’s and you end up with loads of sideways passing and backpasses. That little Ogbonna/Cresswell-Noble/Obiang-Lanzini/Arnie group is linking a host of very competent ball players together to get us moving through the side, particularly in that central/left area of the pitch.

    Then there’s the obvious improvement in our running stats and sprints, suggesting the fitness and intensity is coming along nicely now.

    Really good things seen from the last couple of games in particular. It shows the manager can identify weaknesses and address them very quickly with different innovations but without adding any new players to the squad. Moyes can be proud of what he’s done already and lets hope it continues until May.

    And just to add, I may have been a bit too hasty in jumping the gun with relegation. The Everton result and display really did hit me quite hard. But I think there have been positives in all four of his other games, and certainly more signs for optimism than there were a few weeks ago.
  • The 'Couldn't think where to put this' thread part 2 or 'does my comment merit a NEW THREAD?'

    My view today