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  • West Ham vs Man City (H) Match Thread 29/04/2018

    Trouble is despite problems in their defence if we go gung ho and lose the ball our midfield would soon only see the backs of their shirts as they tore towards our goal.
  • The relegation battle - get out of my league!

    Lukerz ;ok

    I'm not comfortable at all with how things are. I honestly think we'll lose the next three, and I hate the thought of going into the Everton game needing something, particularly as Rooney owns us.

    It actually feels like we're under more pressure than Southamptom. It's like they have nothing to lose given they're already in the drop zone, so they have to go all out against Bournemouth.

    We, on the other hand, know that we can probably scrape by with a couple of draws, so may be looking to play not to lose rather than going for the win in our remaining games.

    Given how fresh the memory of being relegated with 42 points is, I'm certainly not comfortable that 35 will be enough.
  • The relegation battle - get out of my league!

    City have everything to play for. They can possibly set about four PL season records and the first of these is most goals scored. I think they're on 98 at the moment and fully expect them to be on at least 100 come tea time Sunday.
  • Other games (from last weekend) and European matches.

    Not sure about favourites but in with a shout.

    By the way, we played better than Roma have and still lost 4-1.
  • Other games (from last weekend) and European matches.

    You have to wonder if the Roma manager has done any homework, he could not have set his team up to suit the opposition more.

    As I type Liverpool score a third.
  • Other games (from last weekend) and European matches.

    Hes unbelievable.....

    Obiously has to do it more than just one season, but if he can he should be among the big 2
  • Other games (from last weekend) and European matches.

    The dude is the real deal...
  • Other games (from last weekend) and European matches.

    Mo Salah ;bowdown
  • Moyes - Should he stay or should he go?

    He'd drop it though. ;biggrin
  • The relegation battle - get out of my league!

    Selling the Boleyn is the difference for me.
    In a weird way, as long as it was there, I had a link to my past, and was happy supporting them in whatever league we were in. I was a season ticket holder for over 14 years. the football was often rubbish, but you could often laugh at it because we were West Ham, a yo yo club with occasional flashes of brilliance, and occasional class players.
    We sort of 'knew our place' in the pecking order of things, lost to some terrible teams, and beat the best on our day, and, despite some dodgy owners, we were never ridiculous.
    My current feelings of angst were probably triggered by my new sonof asking me why I supported West Ham, when most of the kids and grown ups in our village support the mighty Argyle, and even get to go to some of the matches. When I was explaining to him about my long relationship with the club,I realised that all I could tell him about was our history, I couldnt give him any hope for the future that we might win anything, or that our stadium would be any good - (because I dont believe it myself !). I remember my Dad being able to enthuse me when I was a nipper, and I could memorise the team. I wanted to be able to pass on my spark, but I was sorry to find it at such a low ebb. My first visit to the Boleyn when I was six (under lights vs Burnley Feb '63) is etched in my memory, the sight of all that green and the noise of the crowd are indelibly printed on my conciousness.

    Now its gone - and for what ?
    I'll never forgive that, or the conniving ....... that run our club currently. (insert your own words - I have many)

    There, got that off my chest - I've not given up quite yet, looking forward to the summer and the natural delights living in Cornwall can bring, and hopefully I'll be drawn like a moth to the flame next season.

    I couldnt care less if we get relegated though - the table wont lie - and, for me, Moyes is not the man we need, but is probably the one we'll get.

    Over and out ;ok