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  • January transfer window


    There is of course another explanation that I've just thought of....

    There never was a bid for Carvalho. Thats why Sporting got so annoyed.

    Sully told a fib !! ;nonono ;nonono ;nonono

    It blows a hole in my entire argument - I'm not sure if I can continue to back the current board........ ;biggrin
  • January transfer window

    The Van Dyke transfer was supposed to go through in the summer, but couldnt, so the 2 sides obviously got together and made it happen on day 1of the Winter window.

    Like Sanchez to Man City ;ok

    Oh, wait.....
    A bit disingenuous Mrs Grey
    I said that if the Money AND will is there it will happen ;wink
    Actually, you said it 'can' happen. (I was paying attention.*)

    So that's 2 ifs and a possibility. ;biggrin

    * And I went back and checked.
  • January transfer window


    Chicharito's agent Eduardo Hernandez: “There are a number of clubs interested in his services. Javier has asked personally for it. He's commented, stated & demanded that we look for a club that really needs a player with his characteristics - he wants to play and play and play.”
    Well now he has the chance to play and play and play.

    And hopfeully he'll perform and perform and perform.

    And ideally score and score and score.
  • January transfer window

    .....but still had time to replace them.
  • January transfer window

    Or in other words it would have given them ample opportunity to get injured by now.
  • January transfer window

    I have lost some faith in transfermarkt’s accuracy as a website since it told me that Kieron and Nathan Dyer are brothers
  • January transfer window

    As you point out, a spate of recent injuries have affected the balance of the squad and the short-term needs.

    Do you therefore think this could have had an impact on our transfer plans?

    If yes... in what way?

    Might it be that the shopping list we had in December, when we started looking, has had to be thrown away and a different search begun?

    Might that (amongst other factors) account for the delay in getting a deal across the line?

    Just saying. ;hmm

  • January transfer window

    so why are we leaving things once again until the last minute
    How do you know we are?

    Its the 23rd January and we haven't signed anyone ;ok
  • Latest Injury (and Recovery!) News

    Hernandez will thrive on that.
  • Wigan away (match thread) the glamour tie of the round, 27.1.18

    With Sakho I have a feeling it's the soft muscle between the ears...