RIP John Murphy 1961 - 2020

Most of you know that John (grey) was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour towards the end of last year.

After surgery before Christmas, combined radiotherapy/ chemotherapy in February and March and 2 subsequent courses of chemo through June and July, John died at home last Thursday 8 October. The funeral was Friday, in line with Greek custom.

The funeral service follows a set pattern, with no room for anything personal. However, I wanted to have something personal, and special to us both, as part of the day. His enduring love for WHU was therefore reflected in my having him dressed in his West Ham top for the burial. ( The No. 6 replica one.) I hope you approve. ( I'm not sure the undertaker did!)



  • Mrs G, that's awful news. So, so sorry for your loss. His (and your) selflessness made this site possible, and I for one will be forever grateful for that.

    Thoughts are with you and your family.

    RIP Grey 💔
  • Heartbreaking news

    Deepest sympathies to you, Mrs Grey and all your family and loved ones.
  • So sorry to hear this Mrs Grey.
    He was very much the voice of reason on this wonderful forum and will be sadly missed.
  • I don't know what to say. He lives on here on this site. I hope in time when the pain subsidess that you remember happier times
  • Mrs G, so sorry to hear your tragic news. I can only echo the sentiments that have already been said.
  • What terrible news. I’m so sorry, Mrs G. He will be terribly missed.

    Deepest condolences to you and the family 🥀
  • Mrs G I'm so sorry. That is terrible news 😔. I honestly don't know what to say except to thank him for creating this forum and connecting so many different people from around the world. RIP Grey ⚒️
  • RIP John, Condolence's to you and the family Mrs Grey.

    Forever grateful to this website and all that it has offered for over the last decade and he was at the forefront of all of this alongside yourself. He will be sadly missed in this community.
  • I was always too nervous to post on BBC606, but remember Grey from when I was a lurker. He was one of the first football fans I ever saw who proved you can be reasonable, considered and level headed. Then he made a forum in that image and I could not be more grateful for this place.

    RIP, he’ll be sorely missed.
  • So sorry to hear of your loss and ours on this site, talked of West Ham on here with sense and passion it was an honour to be modded by him on here, I hope in time your pain eases take care of yourself too xx
  • So so sorry for your loss Mrs G, condolence to you and your family.
  • Mrs G I never met your man, I don't know him, yet I feel I do, a bit at least. This site is in his image. A place to vent, reflect, debate, embrace, celebrate, enjoy, hang out. Your loss is unimaginable. Yet he will be one of the few that genuinely have left a legacy. A bit of him carries on.
  • I can only echo the words of those who have already commented. Sorry for your loss Mrs Grey.
    Thanks again to John for his foresight, energy, enthusiasm and patience in creating this marvellous site for all of us.
    My thoughts are with you at this sad time.
  • I knew from the messages he shared that he was being very brave about what was to come and I can only echo my deepest condolences and that all of us on this site had nothing but respect for him and what he created.
  • I never know what to say in times like this. So sorry for your loss Mrs. Grey.
  • So sorry to hear of your loss Mrs Grey. Don’t know why you felt the need to seek our approval for him to wear the no 6 Hammers top as it would readily have been accepted.
  • Mrs Grey and all your family, I am so very sorry to hear about your sad loss. My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during these difficult times. His memory will always be remembered on this site and thanks to him and you both for the enjoyment all of us have being part of your extended family.... stay strong, take care and may his dear soul rest in ever lasting peace... RIP Mr Grey.
  • Sorry for your loss Mrs Grey. I, like many others, didn’t know John, but we knew Grey and what he created here with his enthusiasm and energy. Condolences to all your family.
  • Mrs Grey ,So very very sorry for your loss ,This site would not be here without his wisdom and skill.Like most on here i never met him ,But he will always be remembered .My heart goes out to you and all your family
  • So very sorry to hear the sad news.
    Mrs Grey, condolences to you and family. May his soul rest in peace.
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    If the creation of this site, & all it stands for, is only a small percentage of who he is & what he represents, then he must have been one incredible human being. Thoughts are with you and your family, MrsGrey. We will all continue to do this wonderful site proud in his name. The people he has connected in the spirit of one of his greatest loves. Rest in Peace, John/grey. ⚒
  • As has been said already Mrs Grey, words can never express our thoughts and feelings right now. Hopefully, though, you will get some strength from the outpouring of love and affection for a truly remarkable individual. Love and God bless. Xx
  • Oh, MrsG.
    I had the pleasure of meeting John on one occasion. We had a couple of London Prides and watched a scrappy 1-0 win, and he loved every minute of it. In those few hours he showed his passion for West Ham, and education. He will leave a large gap in our lives.
    The No 6 shirt was a fitting tribute to someone we probably all wished we knew better.
    Look after yourself MrsG.
    RIP John☘️
  • It’s been a while that this forum has been up and running, hasn’t it? At the time of 606 many of us were wondering where to go next (myself included). John didn’t wonder, he actually did something about it. And then some. Forums are two to a penny. But this one is quite different in terms of its core values and ethos

    I think back to a number of the names that have been here previously (sorry can’t remember all)

    Pardewalegend (lololololol)

    I could go on

    John has left quite some legacy and as many have said before has been the constant voice of reason when many of us have ranted and raved.
  • I am. Lost for words. I am sure I read about an operation some time back but never thought it was this serious.
    All I can say is that I completely agree with all of the posts above. He brought so much to this forum and I can't really imagine how it will be like without him.
  • My deepest condolences.
  • RIP Grey, condolences Mrs Grey for your loss our thoughts are with you
  • My deepest condolences Mrs Grey.
    Such tragic news, like others on the forum I never had the pleasure of meeting John but feel like I’ve lost a very good friend. Is there some way we can incorporate his name into the name of the site as it was his creation and loved by so many?
  • I’m so sorry to read this news Mrs G. John was so patient and helpful to me when I had problems accessing the site etc. He realized I was a computer no-hoper but persevered to help me and I really appreciated it. So very sorry for your loss.xx
  • My Condolences Mrs G
    RIP John. Always the voice of Reason And Moderation.
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