Tony Carr

Reading on Twitter that he's being made redundant and offered £14,000. He's been with the club for 43 years and for some of those years he did a tremendous job, and has made the club a lot of money. It seems to me that £14,000 for 43 years of service can't be right. If true it's pretty disgraceful.

Did he make a substantial amount from his testimonial? Is that why? Even so, the owners are out of order if true.

Also you normally get a week for every year you've served (on top of your notice period). Unless he's freelance or has short term contracts I can't see this being right.

Any further info anyone can provide?


  • If this is true, there is so much wrong in football. How can a man of this calibre be rewarded with next to nothing for his service to football and the progression of so many fantastic footballers, when agents are demanding thousands times this for doing basically nothing for the game.
  • Sadly it sounds totally true of the David Sullivan approach of Ground Zero. They've sold Tomkins, they've sacked Carr, the Boleyn will become flats, now all they need is to remove Noble and anything West Ham that existed before January 2010 can be erased.
  • We're losing our tradition and it makes me sad. First the Boleyn, then Tomkins and now club legend Tony Carr.
  • What a disgrace if true
    Hang your heads in shame
  • Terrible absolutely terrible ......

    They put as much into the Tory party in tickets to a geezer whose given his life to our club

    It stinks!!!

  • The fact he didn't want to leave sticks in my craw. Treat the guy with some respect rather than show him the back door, he's given us some amazing talent.
  • So many reasons why this is such an insult and completely damaging to the club.

    The club will probably rectify it to some degree but the damage has been done IMO and its something that goes right to the heart of the issue-whoever involved must have realised what they were doing, its a completely conscious decision and the lack of respect, knowledge and understanding about the size of their actions is wrong and very sad.

    Without going into a long long post, Twist is right, with the move to the OS the direction of the club is in jeopardy; do we hold tight those values which are most dear to us and define us as a club, or do we dilute and kowtow to the emptiness and corruption of modern football? It is indicative of much wider issues inherent in the game and its sad to see. Examples like this within the game (esp west ham) always brings to mind this quote-"We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst".

    Me personally, Tony Carr should have a job for life at WHU and is, and always has been, a major major asset for the club in any capacity.
  • Absolutely stinks..

    How they can slap £18m price tag on Oxford then two days later give Carr who has seen through his development a £14k redundancy package is madness...

    Absolutely stinks!
  • So they are going to pay the equivalent of 1.5 days worth of salary they are offering Bacca?

    Yep, that sounds about right

    Sums up everything that is wrong with modern day football
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    Not the greatest summer so far.

    New crest, new kit (including the leaks and then the 'launch'), new (behind schedule) ground, Tomkins sold, Oxford potentially going, Lanzini injured, nothing spent, Cresswell injured, no new striker and now this.
  • I tell you what, I know everyone is different, but if I were Rio, JC, Carrick, etc, I would be opening my chequebook to show my gratitude - it's not only the club who has benefitted from Carr's work, but also a number of players have enjoyed riches beyond their wildest dreams due to his significant contribution
  • If this is true we just became 'any other club'.

    It's a very sad day indeed.
  • Is it true, though, or is all this based on a Twitter rumour?
  • Mike Ashley syndrome
  • Daily Mail report, Jorderz.

    Makes me feel dirty just typing those words.
  • The Mail have quotes from him
  • Jeeze ;nonono
  • Carr is also upset that his shoddy exit from West Ham has been handled entirely by the human resources department rather than anyone higher up in the club.

    Carr said: 'I'm very disappointed because I still feel I've got a lot to offer and West Ham has become a way of life for me after all these years.

    'The way it was done with people from HR, who have been here hardly any time at all, was particularly disrespectful in my opinion. But that's the way of the world these days.'
  • There are a couple of these going round:

    Will donate, but how do I make sure the money is actually going to Tony?
  • A bit tough to be sure about that, to be honest.

    Not sure it makes up either. I don't think he's in need of money from fans and am sure there are more thoughtful ways to appreciate him. It's more the lack of respect from the club that's the problem.
  • Personally, I'd wait to see if there is a statement from the club before doing anything like that. For all we know, he could have had a six figure salary.

    Plus, it's the Daily Mail...
  • Well mini jack has confirmed it.
  • Whilst I obviously do not agree with this, if true, I have some issues with some of the comments on this thread.

    Suggesting the owners are stripping the old West Ham away by doing things like moving stadium (which lots of people are excited about and support) and selling James Tomkins (which most people agree with the right decision) is strange, IMO.
  • The relatively low redundancy figure is because he is being made redundant from a new job which he has only had for a year. One imagines he would have had a pension from his previous service.

    I'm with Outcast; the money is frankly neither here nor there.

    If the club have really just left it to a HR bod to deal with, that is shabby beyond contempt.
  • Hamstew said:

    Well mini jack has confirmed it.

    Yeah, just seen that. "He should have a role here for life. I will speak to ds in the morning".

    Interesting breakfast conversation in the Sullivan household...
  • "Personally, I'm not sure I agree with it! He should have a role here for life. I will speak to ds in the morning"

    This tweet from miniJack made me lol
  • According to an ITK on kumb who I believe is confirmed as Tony Carrs son the deed was done by Karen Brady, so we can't even blame random HR people.

    This really leaves a sour taste
  • Surely they can pay him off properly or find him something to do part time
  • This has just appeared on my West Ham news feed on Facebook & I'm appalled.Sure,it's time we moved forward as a club & once we left the Boleyn it was obvious that things were going to change but this is shocking.
    The man himself is apparently upset & hurt because he was told by HR & not by Gold,Sullivan or Brady.They should have given him a Testimonial AND a proper pay-off after everything he's done for us as well as publicly thanking him.Instead hie treatment has been shoddy & they should hang their collective heads in shame.Disgraceful.
  • Surely they can pay him off properly or find him something to do part time

    It doesn't sound as if they want him there at all.
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