New mobile theme

You will notice a change if you access the site via a mobile device.

The main difference is the 'hamburger' menu icon (3 lines in the top right corner)


Clicking on this gives you access to the menu items available in the main site, as well as the list of categories. Nice.

Upsides to the change

Mobile users get access to a wider range of options. Touch-points should be easier to access.

Downsides to the change

None that I can see.

The typical experience of reading and commenting on threads should be identical.

The menu is slightly different. If there is a strong demand for it, I can look to try to restore the shortcut to 'Create a new discussion' on the main menu, but tbh it is just a click of the 'hamburger' away.

tbh, there was less response to the request for mobile testers than would have been ideal, so if something doesn't work, I'll try to fix it if you let me know what it is.

There is a glitch with the In Memoriam link which I am sorting out. I will restore it when it works as expected.


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