Other Games 29th April through to 4th May

A very spread out gameweek, with matches taking place on Saturday (3), Sunday (5), Monday (1) and Tuesday (1), with an additional 3 "catch up" matches taking place on Wednesday (2) and Thursday (1).

Only 2 matches apart from us today, with Brentford hosting Forest (home win please) and basically safe Wolves travelling to Brighton (home win preferred but unlikely to affect relegation for us).

Sunday sees Bournemouth at home to Leeds (home win please, Bournemouth basically safe on 36 points already), and Soton at Newcastle (home win please, although should be irrelevant as Soton need a miracle to catch us now).

Then the match of the weekend, Leicester v Everton. If we don't beat Palace, then this is a draw for me to keep both teams well below us, but if we manage to win then I'd prefer a Leicester win as I think 37 points sees us as safe, and so my personal preference for Everton getting relegated comes to the fore.

None of the games from Tuesday to Thursday involve any of the teams at the bottom apart from us.


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