European Games are back again, from mid Feb



  • Larnaca away is confirmed as 17.45 kick off.
  • works for me
  • Excellent Steve, I’m glad you are going. Enjoy ✈️
  • Ravel, ment it works for me to sit in front of the tv drink wine and watch us win =)
  • West Ham have negotiated a 1600 ticket allocation for the away leg which is 20% of the capacity. 👏👏
  • Surprise home defeat for Lazio against Alkmaar last night.
  • IronHerb said:

    Surprise home defeat for Lazio against Alkmaar last night.

    This passed me by, not sure why it was played ahead of all the other ECL games. Would be quite a surprise if Lazio go out as, of all the teams left in, their domestic form this season would probably have them as favourites for winning the ECL.
  • Roma are drawn at home tonight in the Europa so that gets precedence.
  • Just a reminder that the QF and SF draws are tomorrow from 1pm GMT. It's an open draw, so no restrictions at all. As per last year in the EL, the route to the final will also be determined tomorrow, so should we win our QF, we'll already know the 2 teams that would, between them, be our SF opponent.
  • Arsenal in a penalty shoot out to make the QF of the EL, having been held 1-1 in the home leg after the draw away from home last week.
  • Arsenal out 5-3.
  • Arsenal are out.
  • CL drawn. City v Bayern and Chelsea v Real Madrid. If both win it’s a City v Chelsea semi.
  • I suspect the winner will come from that half of the draw. 3 Italian clubs and Benfica in the other half.
  • Utd get Sevilla and then potentially Juventus
  • Utd get Sevilla and then potentially Juventus

    As with the CL draw, there definitely looks to be an easier half and a tougher half of the draw.
  • There's 4 teams with a co-efficient of 35-48, and the other 4 are 91-105. However, in large part that's because some teams are in weak leagues are repeatedly qualify and thus increase their co-efficient without necessarily doing great.
  • Lech Poznan v Fiorentina
    Gent v West Ham
  • AZ Alkmaar v Anderlecht
    Basel v Nice
  • I guess playing at home for the second leg is good
  • Gent a good draw
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    Semi Finals:
    Gent or West Ham (home first) v AZ Alkmaar or Anderlecht
    Lech Poznan or Fiorentina v Basel or Nice
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    Anderlecht/Alkmaar in semi potentially but first leg at home. Incentive for the Belgians though to both get to semis
  • Not unhappy with that draw tbh, Alkmaar could be dark horses though after putting Lazio out in the last round.
  • Stats on Gent please =)
  • Good QF and SF draw. Avoided Nice / Fiorentina / Basel.

    AZ a wildcard but Gent / Lech were the ones you probably wanted in the QF draw.
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    I think on paper Gent are the weakest left.

    AZ will be hard but rather them than Fiorentina or Nice.

    If we get through and get Anderlecht, we’ve already beaten them twice.
  • We beat Gent (then known as La Gantoise) on our way to winning the Cup Winners Cup in 1965.
  • Not too much travelling involved either so for the Sunday matches we should be fresher than we were against Villa
  • If we get to the final in Prague we have been drawn away.
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