City at home Sunday 15th 14:00 nobles home fairwell

So title wrapped up by then and city in end of season mode and want Man U out of the europa cup, you can but dream COYI


  • We did Liverpool so we can do City ( I say to myself). It's 1-1 when Moyes brings on Noble after 85 minutes to wave to the crowd and we get a late penalty which he converts. Ok, far fetched but wouldn't that be great!?
  • After their 5-0 demolition of Newcastle today let’s hope they do something similar to Wolves on Wednesday and run out of goals next Sunday.
  • So after today Wolves must beat either Man City or Liverpool to finish above ourselves. We really need Liverpool to still have a chance of the title come the last match of the season as otherwise they will simply play a B team against Wolves as they have the Champions League final the week after.

    Should we pick up even a point against City or Brighton then Wolves will need to turn around a 10 goal goal difference to get ahead of us even if taking 6 points from their last three matches.

    The dream is we take 3 points from City and go into the final day in 6th.
  • If I were Moyes, I’d be tempted to play the same team that beat Norwich (assuming everyone is fit).
  • Suspect he won't in order to keep it tight against City but I think there's an argument for that side to play a lot more often. There's enough energy in Fornals and Lanzini to support Rice in midfield against a lot of teams but way more energy and movement for them to link up and pull defences out of shape.
  • Moyes only left Soucek on the bench because it was Norwich
  • I've wanted West Ham to win many other games a lot more. However, with a combination of Europa and the title race in mind, PLEASE WIN!!

    # Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on...
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    I shall happily forgo my total dislike and wishes of failure of klippi and his bunch of self entitled red wazzocks, should beating the best team in Manchester allow us to rise above the lesser team of Manchester, then so be it should City fail to win the title and that lot do.
  • Stuff City, I want 6th! Hahaha
  • We can beat City and City still win the league. Pretty straightforward really.
  • IronHerb said:

    We can beat City and City still win the league. Pretty straightforward really.

    This would be beautiful.

    Then Palace beat Man Utd and we can have a party in Brighton.
  • I'm in.
  • If my maths is correct then Wolves could still pip ManU to 7th. Now THAT would be sweet, although I would not want us to fall foul of those results.

    We need to beat City next weekend and see what else turns up.
  • I'd be really happy with any points return from this game.
  • Shall we just start the Brighton thread now?
  • Our lads would have watched that tonight and either have spotted weaknesses to exploit Sunday or will go to bed and not be able to sleep.
  • So City can afford to lose one game & still win the league 🤔
  • They have a bit of defensive crisis
  • Hamstew said:

    They have a bit of defensive crisis

    Problem is they don't seem to need one.
  • Lads, it's City.
  • It’s Noble’s last home game. We’re going to get a point
  • alderz said:

    It’s Noble’s last home game. We’re going to get a point

    City should do the decent thing and accept the point now.
  • Win this and we've got a good chance of Europa League again next season; we'll be well up for it.
  • I imagine Moyes pick quite a defensive, conservative team to respect the point but I would prefer something like this.

    Coufal Dawson Zoooooma Cresswel
    Soucek Lanzini
    Bowen Antonio Benrahma
    If we are behind swap Lanzini for Noble who can then play Rice's position allowing him to move up a bit.I appreciate Fornals world harder than Benrahma but for this match we need ball carrying match winners. Would love to Vlasic and Yarmolenko get at least 20 minutes.

    A 2-1 squeaky bum win for the Massive Hammers.
  • I think City should lose this on purpose just to make sure United don't get into the Europa 😉.
  • I wouldn’t bank on City being able to lose a game though & still win the league. Every chance that a loss to us &, the way Saints are playing, Liverpool could go back above them.

    I reckon a draw is a good shout. Our last 3 games have been 2-1, 1-1, 2-1. We seem to know how to play against them.
  • Let's win this one to get the scousers all excited, only to see them wave goodbye to the title on the final day, on goal difference.

    Then a whole summer of klippi whinging about how deserved to win but was robbed by ... enter excuses here ...
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    Laporte and Fernandinho were both injured against Wolves, City ended with Ake - who went off with an ankle injury against Leeds at the weekend - and Rodri at centre back,

    If no one recovers then City are looking a bit dodgy at the back with Foden or Silva dropping back to partner Gundogan in central midfield/

    C&H reckon Antonio, Dawson and Benrahma will all be fit for Sunday

    And Wolves were shocking
  • I only saw the highlights on MOTD of the Man City game, they’re obviously going to have to up their game on Sunday.
  • Is it too much to ask for us to beat City and get into Europa (whilst the defeat ultimately means Liverpool pip them to the title and take an historic quadruple into next season) You know y'all want it :)
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