Chelsea (away) Sunday 24th April 2pm Sky Sports



  • Let's have another wonder goal from Masuaku! 😁😁
  • I see Tuchel appears to be complimenting us; calls us an emotional team, a popular club, a physical side, good on counters & set-pieces & we don’t give in.

    Mentions everything but us also having ability. So, personally, I think those comments are a bit insulting.
  • Chelsea on their worst home from for years next up West Ham just saying lol 😆
  • If the players aren’t thinking about Thursday, I see no reason why we can’t take a point today.
  • I’ll be pulling the sofa out later so I can’t watch it from behind.
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    I'm annoyed

    On a normal Sunday my shift - 639 - starts at 4:14pm so I could watch the match then dash off to work. Checked the sheets yesterday and because there's engineering work this weekend 639 has been brought forward to a 3:20pm start.

    Second weekend in a row when I only get to see the first half!
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    For me, main thing today, be brave. Go for it. Attack them. We have the back-up of the Europa League so let’s go for 3 points. Get beat, get beat. Spurs only drawing, Man Utd losing. Great chance to close on 5th.
  • Moyes has apparently made 6 changes for the game, with Thursday in mind.
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    Benrahma, Noble, Coufal, Masuaku, Yarmo, Fornals in (I guess, none started v Burnley)
  • 6 Oh dear ..........LOSS
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    Johnson - Dawson - Cresswell
    Coufal - Soucek - Noble - Masuaku
    Fornals - Benrahma

    Areola, Alese, Fredericks, Rice, Kral, Lanzini, Vlasic, Bowen, Antonio
  • I think he feels we would lose with our main team with so few centre backs fit so doesn’t want key players hurt for Thursday so try fo a result but accept this game is not season defining
  • Well that’s a new position for Rice
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    Could be 8th (out of Europe placings) with a loss and Wolves win

    Don’t agree with resting Rice, Bowen & Antonio at once.
  • Lucky I am out at a family meal this afternoon so will miss it as have a bad feeling it could get messy
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    Well, that is a surprise. If you're gonna make changes then you might as well change half of the team. Moyes clearly has all eyes focused on Europa.
  • Dawson is a key player,Why bother playing him .This could get ugly
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    Omg. If we win this Chelsea deserve to liquidate.
  • When was the last time Masuaku worked at LWB?
  • Might have to change the kitchen taps which my wife has been on at me for months . =)
  • I am sure Eintracht Frankfurt's coaches will be looking at today's game but doubt that they will learn a lot.

    As Moyes has made so many changes it would have been good to see Alese get a game. Let us hope Dawson doesn't get injured and we nick a goal.

    It will either be a Moyes' tactical masterclass or a disaster.
  • I suppose keep it to 0-0 until Moyes feels he can bring on some of the subs.
  • Even if Moyes has all eyes on Europe (which I agree he should), I’d still like to see Rice, Bowen and Antonio getting some minutes even it’s just 30 mins. Good to get some running in their legs and to keep their sharpness up for next Thursday. If they don’t play at all, they’d have had quite a long period without kicking a ball since the Burnley game.
  • This is going to be such a routine defeat. Probably would have been anyway, though.
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    I don’t think these decisions ever work.

    All that will happen is we’ll play our biggest game in years on Thursday & four key players won’t have played much football for nearly 2 weeks.
  • Hamstew said:

    Omg. If we win this Chelsea deserve to liquidate.

    Although I think this is the correct call.
  • I think I've turned on the Liverpool game by mistake.
  • I can see Moyes what moyes is thinking

    Thursday and Europa is the priority

    It's a risk from Moyes, there is a chance we could get Europa from the league position this season...but it'll be hard given we have to play Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City....that on top of the fact we have 1 fit CB

    But if we win the Europa....we get champions league...the payoff is massive
  • Disappointed that Alese wasn't given the nod. Can watch today with quite low expectations though so should be able to enjoy it.
  • I get it ,But i dont get it .Real chance of getting 6th .but now see us getting 8th .Will this be the same team against the gunners next sunday
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