First one gone. (Manager, that is.)
They don’t hang about do they?
They make Chelsea look positively patient with their managers.


  • Only 2 more Watford managers untill Xmas.
  • Watford have always been quick to pull the trigger.
  • I thought they gave him plenty of time (more time than Ranieri will get) :)
  • Gino Pozzo bought Watford in June 2012, he sacked Sean Dyche in July and since then there have been 14 permanent managers (plus Hayden Mullins as caretaker twice)

    Longest serving was Javi Gracia, 594 days and 66 matches

    By comparison Moyes's second spell with us is now 648 days and 75 matches

    I know we complain about our owners but...
  • It’s crazy though isn’t it? All clubs want to win stuff but the turn over of managers is getting to the point where they’re given seven games?
    It’s no wonder kids find a hard path through to the first team, the manager just can’t take the risk these days so he goes and buys a ready made player for that position.
    You have got to be exceptional ( I.e Declan) to to break that mould.

    Sad really.

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