England Vs Germany

I couldn't see a separate thread for this match so thought I would start one as it is a big match.

I think Southgate is going to set up to play very defensively and hope to nick it, sadly the result I think this approach makes most likely is a draw followed by penalties, which we inevitably lose. I would rather see us take the match to Germany and put them on the back foot with players like Grielish, Foden and most importantly Sancho, knowing that we do have more defensive options we can call on to try and see out a winning position if possible.

If we play positively I can see us winning 2-1 if we try and defend I can see 0-0 after 90 minutes and going on to lose.


  • Ironically our squad should have meant that we were strong in attack and weak in defence. As it's turned out, we've had the opposite.

    I think it'll be close tonight; Germany haven't been that good and neither have we. Will probably be a cagey game and I can only see a goal in it either way.

    2-1 Germany is my gut feeling right now.
  • I’m going 2-2 normal time then who knows after that
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    I've got my very rare positive England head on. I'm praying for a 1-0 boring victory
  • sitting back plays right into Germanys hands. Routine 2-0 win for Germany. Southgate to get pelters after exiting the tournament meekly and not going more attacking. Pressure to build over the next 2 months before being sacked and replaced by a new manager come September.
  • I don't really care which team wins. I'll just be satisfied if the game is played in the true Corinthian spirit and, come the final whistle, football has been the only winner
  • LOSS........... =)
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    Blimey, just seen the team. Doesn't fill me with the " Go and get 'em" attitude. Southgate wants to keep it tight long into the game, then hopefully use some more attacking options if required. No need to gung-ho too soon but I don't think the starting eleven will have the Germans quaking in their boots
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    Southgate has gone 3-4-3, not sure tbh

    Walker Stones Maguire
    Trippier Phillips Rice Shaw
    Saka Kane Sterling

    Pretty negative playing 5 defenders and 2 defensive mids, much more balanced to play Saka at WB in place of Trippier and then play Foden. I never like to see both wing backs who are primarily full backs.
  • Not a fan of the team.... its very defensive

    I know he has a lot of players to use and we can't just go all out, but to not be playing ANY of Foden, Grealish or Mount (and arguably Sancho) is hard to comprehend
  • Rice starts....................Oh dear Rice starts ........Stay injure free please
  • It's frustrating really. Have we ever been as blessed in the attacking third? Kane, Mount, Foden, Sancho and Grealish would walk into most sides in this competition, but Southgate is so conservative. If it wins us the competition then he'll have got it right, but it feels like such a waste to have so much attacking talent on the bench.
  • Don't understand not playing Sancho given he scares the germans
  • I don't think he could have been more defensive.

    We actually need to go behind early as only that will make Southgate make changes and allow this team to play as they can. Waster that Southgate. If we score early this may well be the worst match in the whole tournament so far and Scotland was dreadful.
  • Our glorious Patriots booing the German national anthem. We do breed some idiots in this country.
  • What do they think it's going to achieve?

    Every country has this element, but ours seem to have become very vocal over the last five years.
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    I've defended Kane recently but now it's time for him to step up and do something. He's been below par so far in this tournament
  • Rice booked ,And England hardly out of there half 10 mins in
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    Anyone hoping we'd start on the front foot will be disappointed with the opening 10 minutes.

    All Germany so far.
  • I didn't realise that Germany had Falcon from the Avengers movies...
  • So far its exactly the same. No outlet when the midfield get tge ball. At least Saka is having a go
  • Get the Dortmund boys on 💪🏿 ⚫️🟡
  • Good to have Tripps back in tho and on set plays
  • How many times have we gone back to Pickford ,i`v lost count
  • Harry Kane is like an Iggy Pop song.
  • Kane has concrete in his boots
  • Kane has been anonymous again. He really needs to be pulled if he doesn't pick it up soon.
  • I know Stirling is our only goal scorer but I still think Grealish, Sancho, Bellingham or Foden would be better
  • DCL for Kane
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    Joachim Low looks like he should be in a Beatles tribute band...
  • DCL for Kane

    Honestly, anyone for Kane. He has been so, so bad.
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