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  • Called up the England squad. Well deserved.
  • not sure, he has literally played a handful of games and gets a call up. Granted when looking at other midfield options its not much bountiful.
  • I guess if you look at it in the context of his world cup performances, it doesn't look so mad. He was dropped while out of form and now he's showing a sign of return, it makes sense to try him out to see if he can offer England what he has before.

    Not sure he'd have been in the squad if Grealish and Sancho were fit.
  • I read somewhere Antonio wants to play for Jamaica, that's all we need.
  • Not called up by all account
  • I'm not saying Dawson is the answer but how on earth Dier gets called up over him is outrageous.
  • Yeah, I personally don't think Dawson is international level, but Dier most definitely isn't.
  • And I don't think Maguire is all that, either. When you consider how strong England's attacking options are, the options at CB are pretty limited.
  • I think Maguire is a good player, personally. I think things just got scrutinised closer at United than most other places. Obviously he’s no Craig Dawson, but who is? (Other than Craig Dawson or James Collins, obvs)
  • Soucek bagged a hat trick tonight.
  • I wonder how long before some team are seriously sniffing around him?
  • Which is why Europe is important. We want to keep these players we need to be in these competitions imo. But that's down to the players. Nothing we can do.
  • Hamstew said:

    Which is why Europe is important. We want to keep these players we need to be in these competitions imo. But that's down to the players. Nothing we can do.

    With his best years ahead of him and his stock as high as it's ever been, I can see some bigger clubs having a good look at Soucek over the next couple of months. And if a Bayern, or a Dortmund, or an Atletico Madrid come knocking, maybe even Europa League football won't be enough to keep him here.

    Now Soucek doesn't strike me as the type that would push for a move, but equally our board don't strike me as the type to turn down a £20-£30m profit if it offered itself in the summer.
  • But if they are tempted then Moyes and Rice will be gone too.
  • IronHerb said:

    But if they are tempted then Moyes and Rice will be gone too.

    And the board a further £100m in the black.

    I know a lot was made of Rice not being sold last summer, but that was because no-one made a bid for him.

    If they're offered a combined £140m for Rice and Soucek in the next window, I think they accept. If that means losing Moyes too, do I think they'll care? Nah.
  • OCS, I reckon most West Ham fans believe GSB & us have different aspirations for the club.
  • Rice tweeted "Partner got a hattyyyy @tomassoucek28 congrats brother"

    Might be a bit different if Soucek does that against England on 22 June

    Turkey beat Holland 4-2, in the Euros Turkey are in Group A along with Italy, Wales and Switzerland. Wales could have a short stay...
  • steve said:

    Not called up by all account

    Seems like he's not signed up yet, so reports of not being called up were a little premature (if, strictly speaking, accurate!)
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    Lingard starts this evening, Rice on the bench.
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    I am happy for Rice to get a rest. Lingard warmed the bench until January so no real issue for him. There can't be many loan moves that work out as well as Lingard's. He couldn't get his boots muddy at United now playing each week, scoring and an England call up.
  • Lingard playing well and unlucky not to score
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    Never mind the Internationals, the mighty Urchins have got to the FA Trophy final after beating Notts County 5-4 on pens after drawing 3-3 away. The only games Hornchurch have played since late November have been in this competition, that is unbelievable.

    Wow, wow,wow.
  • 3 palindromes all in a row ;)
  • Ironherb, unbelievable indeed, I trust that restrictions will be lifted to allow supporters to go see them at Wembley, surely should not be difficult to socially distance :-)
  • Soucek and Coufal start against Belgium tonight.
  • chicagohammer, yes there will be limited supporters allowed but they have not yet announced how many. I may try and go if there are spare tickets available.
  • Soucek almost grabbed the winner in stoppage time.
  • Ireland lost to Luxembourg

  • Soucek almost grabbed the winner in stoppage time.

    He was probably tired. 😂
  • Good CFs goal from Kane and good cross from Luke "I am your father" Shaw
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