Other Games 13th - 23th Feb

Liverpool are red
Leicester are blue
It’s valentines weekend
And this game hasn’t been goo(d)


  • Similar game this to ours v Liverpool

    Expect them to get a couple of goals & win 0-2 or so, LFC dominating the ball, pressing well, Leicester struggling to get out
  • Quite pleased to see the ref not buying Salah’s nonsense in the first half. Pity he’s just scored.
  • Assist by Firmino fantastic piece of skill...
  • Had Steve McManaman ever said anything worthwhile?
  • Yes Mrs Grey and the inevitability live in has started.
  • MrsGrey said:

    Had Steve McManaman ever said anything worthwhile?

    I haven’t heard it if he has
  • That... that didn’t seem onside to me... but Liverpool concede which is nice
  • Fun and games.....Chips and Rice....
  • Haha oh dear Alisson is rubbish now
  • Ha ha. If it stays like this or Leicester go on to win I await klipperty’s interview with baited breath. And as I type pool concede again. =)
  • My stream is a bit behind. I've read about every goal before I've seen it.
  • Poor old Liverpool what a shame ,Never mind =) =) =)
  • Just what was Allison thinking, that was truly shocking
  • So the greatest keeper there has ever been does it again.
  • I could watch that over and over ,Perhaps i will =)
  • Oh dear! Liverpool are collapsing!
  • Good save though.
  • edited February 13
    Poor old Klopp...& fair play to Brendan, he certainly might not be everyones cup of tea, but always seems to get the best out of his players...
  • Wow, Liverpool looked comfortable and then they let in three goals in six minutes and should have let in four, crazy
  • Lol. I missed that one because my stream jumped to catch up 🤣
  • MrsGrey said:

    Lol. I missed that one because my stream jumped to catch up 🤣

    Mine too.😂

    But I'm not too upset.
  • Well it’s not every day one has an epiphany moment but today I’ve realised that my detestation of Klopp and Liverpool actually outweighs my dislike of St Brendan and Leicester. O.o
  • I like James Maddison. His interviews are refreshingly honest
  • How on earth did we loose 2 games to this Liverpool team .
  • Must admit I thought Leicester were pretty woeful until they scored, till then they could barely pass to each other. Still while Liverpool play their best midfielder at CB they will come under pressure. Is Thiago really any good? Not seen one performance from him this season.
  • Now the question is can we beat the bottom team to leap over Liverpool?
  • And as a special treat for Ham, non-Zaha Palace 2 -nil down at home to Burnley. =)
  • I bet that Hammy is Happy. Just a shame that palace don't desperately need the points for survival
  • Just seen the score and was gonna say I assume Zaha wasn't playing.
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