Newcastle at Home



  • good to see us climb the table today
  • at least we can watch the women's team as they have taken the west ham way to heart

    They certainly have. Lost 1-9 to Arsenal.
  • Just seen the Spurs result against Ancellotti!!!
    My football weekend has improved immensely!!!
  • Barney said:

    I think Fornals and others will lift their game if we get 2 or 3 decent signings. the team need movement and energy; we have got a tough season ahed

    2 or 3 decent signings????? We struggle to even get one!
  • Lukerz said:

    It was massively disappointing, & I can’t say I was buzzing for the game like I usually am at the start of a season.

    But it was a drab game. I have heard so many people say ‘only 3 shots on target from West Ham’. Well Newcastle only had 2. Results skew the feeling in any game. Had that ended 0-0, nobody would have said it was an unfair result. The game was decided on a poor bit of goalkeeping/arguably a foul. That was it.

    There was nothing really in it. Newcastle were the slightly sharper I would say, but it was a typical first day of the season game. Lacked a lot of energy.

    But it is clear to everybody that we need signings & if the owners can’t afford to fund the club going forwards, they need to think about selling.

    Only 3 shots on target from West Ham yes, none of which counted, Newcastle only 2 shots on target......unfortunately they scored the goals that won the game and buried West Ham & Moyes!
    As for this being the first game of a new season and Newcastle were sharper, they only finished the previous season 7 weeks ago!
    So how come we lost our sharpness and Newcastle hadn’t???
    No excuses for that result; we were POOR and need to improve rapid.
  • This is purely light hearted, not to encourage any heated debate or "told you so". I just thought it would be funny with hindsight to look back on this thread from day one.

    Just to remind you:

  • Moyes is a past it dinosaur. We got thrashed by Bournemouth in our pre-season friendly. Having now been humiliated by Steve Bruce of all people, all I can see is this fraud of a manager relegating us.
  • Fancy Newcastle to have a good season actually. Steve Bruce could prove to be a canny appointment there.

    As for us, we're as good as down. Where are the goals coming from?
  • If Noble is still starting in April, I think that tells us all we need to know about how this season has gone. Absolute wasters, the lot of them.
  • No idea where we go from here.

    Couldn’t agree more, OCS
  • On a positive note, at least there are early signs that we have addressed our problem of failing to hold onto a lead.

    Ok, I’ll hold my hands up. I may have got this but slightly wrong
  • The rob lee derby
  • The pavel srnicek derby
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