Well, it's back. Other PL games during Project Restart. (Discussion of matches)



  • Maybe just me but I quite like the fake crowd noise, imo it makes the watching experience just that little bit less sterile.

    During the ManU game there was a particularly nice passage of play and the white noise crowd “applauded”

    Well it made me smile
  • I switched to that last night after a roar from the crowds when the players were standing still at a drinks break.
  • I thought Deeney wasn't going to play because of Corona ? has he done a 180 ?
  • Watford just equalized in the 93rd minute
  • Yeold

    He said he wasn’t going to train when they all came back, but about a fortnight later he said that he had received various health assurances and was happy to start, I think
  • That’s Brighton safe
  • Disappointing result from the Amex.
  • so at 5.30, its the first of several must win games. we have home advantage, and Jack Wilshire is fit so we have nothing to fear but fear itself. COY(lockdown)Irons
  • So one of our so called easier games are now spanking high flying Sheffield Utd. Joy.
  • Newcastle are playing everyone in the bottom 6 except Norwich, so were always going to potentially have a big impact on who ends up going down.
  • Newcastle safe

    So it really is between us, Villa, Bournemouth, Watford & Brighton.
  • If Villa beat Chelsea we are in the bottom three with Spurs and Chelsea to come next.
  • Lukerz,Might want to take Brighton out of that list
  • Steve - not just yet. They have a few dodgy fixtures to come.
  • Chelsea have been so on top but can’t score you just know Villa will nick one
  • Told you. Villa winning
  • This is going so well lol
  • Bottom 3,Might just wake us up ,..............But then again
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    We need there to be three worse teams than us but sadly there aren’t.
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    Chelsea level and then in front
  • Sad when you have to bite your nails when OTHER TEAMS are playing
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    So who was the L'pool player who DIDN'T "take the knee" ?
  • It was Mane. He was doing warm up sprints and forgot!!
  • Looking at the rest of our fixtures, I can only see us getting wins against
    Norwich, Aston Villa, and Watford, giving us only 36pts.
    It doesn't look good, but neither does it for the the other teams in the same
    position as us.

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    CleverTrevor- I think he actually just heard the whistle and went straight on a run, wasn't a warm-up sprint! Had to run back and take the knee :tired_face:
  • Villa vs Wolves is 0-0 at the moment.
    Traore coming on though. Hope he is as good as he was against us the other day.
  • He comes on and Wolves score B)
  • Still not bottom 3,Someone must really like us :
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