Well, it's back. Other PL games during Project Restart. (Discussion of matches)

Midweek games tonight and then a round at the weekend.


  • I cannot bring myself to want the blunts to win, so a draw for me
  • Jack Grealish = Lady Gaga
    David Beckham = Madonna

  • So first game back and goal line technology fails and Villa get a point.
  • At lest its not 3
  • Poor old Sheffield. maybe the Court of Arbitration can help them out.
  • It may not be so funny if we get relegated and Villa survive by one point
  • Hard to understand why VAR was not used, someone should have stood up and say “hold on that needs to be looked at”
  • Could impact our last game if Villa only need a draw or are already safe ?
  • Totally agree Chicago. VAR should have intervened and helped the referee out. It was that obvious within seconds.
  • Admittedly the goal line technology was at fault, but this is 100% what VAR is in place for, a clear and obvious error. Unfortunately, and not for the first time, the VAR officials completely bottled it. Could have massive implications for both clubs at opposite ends of the table come the end of the season. Complete farce.
  • Best thing just to be sure for us is now that all teams have played the same number of games to scrap the season and be done with. Table stays as is. :)
  • Joking aside once they decided football would resume wouldn’t you think they’d make sure that all facilities and technology were up and running.
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    From what I've read, the system was up and running, checked before the game and working fine.

    Hawk-Eye added that the system had been tested before the match, and was confirmed to be working by referee Oliver and his fellow officials.
  • Don't believe VAR bottled anything. It was an unprecedented and totally unexpected event.The ref didn't think to ask for VAR to get involved. I don't know how much they can interfere under such circumstances. the VAR officials have a remit, and they can't just do what they like.

  • VAR is there to correct blatant errors but no one really wants to over rule the on pitch ref.
  • But VAR does over-rule the refs.
  • Herb, it's only there to correct very specific types of errors, not all of them. In this case, presumably coming under the goal/no goal question, they all were confident that the GLT system was working as it had been checked before the game.

    I don't think anyone had really considered before now that VAR should also review all goals allowed/not given by the GLT. Maybe that was a mistake in the formulation of the system - but as nothing like it had ever happened before (more unprecedented stuff) it is difficult imo to be too hard on someone for not having a contingency plan for something unprecedented and unforseen.

    Hopefully, going forward, the system will be tweaked to reflect this one-in-9000 chance of a failure of GLT.

  • It should be a fairly simple rule change. "If, and only if, Hawkeye cannot show an image of the ball which shows whether all of the ball has crossed the line, the decision can be referred to VAR"
  • Didn't seem like an issue with VAR rules, according to the analysis - if the officials had realised the situation, they could have stopped the game at the restart, intervened and told the ref to give the goal
  • I don't get the 1 in 9000 claim. That's like saying I'm good until I'm bad.
  • Think they are trying to emphasises it was a freak occurrence, hence why the technology failed, as did the VAR officials.
  • Shocking, imo, that the VAR officials didn't intervene. Regardless of usually being able to trust the technology, their own eyes, if they'd have been using them, would clearly have shown that the ball was over the line. I stand by my earlier assessment; they bottled it.
  • VAR is used to check goals, penalties, straight reds and mistaken identity

    The ref was on the edge of the area, the 6 yard box was full of players so neither he or the lino had a clear view of the incident, the goal-line technology failed to register that the ball had crossed the line and play carried on.

    VAR didn't get involved because the ref didn't award a goal

  • The lino had a decent view.
  • Not sure what I’m finding the most weird, the total silence we had at the beginning of the German league or the piped crowd noise we are now getting which for the most part bears little resemblance to the actual play.
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    The lino was looking down the goal-line but I think the keeper's body was between him and the ball when it crossed the line.
  • Funny how football comes back and the usual odd stats emerge. Spurs have now not won in 7, one of their longest non win runs. Who do they play next.
  • I tend to chose to watch the non fake crowd noise channel. Quite interesting to hear which players shout most etc... Like watching a game in a park.
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