Well, it's back. Other PL games during Project Restart. (Discussion of matches)



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    Everton today were as bad as Palace. Nothing at all to play for
  • Wolves aren’t Villa, though
  • Hope Carlo A won’t stand for Everton not turning up again after they lost 3-0 today. I would hope there would be a positive reaction.
  • Shocking VAR decision the ball bounces upwards off the corner of his shoulder not much different from Rodriguez's "brilliant header" against us
  • Can we rely on Arsenal in their matches v Villa & Watford? Brighton could still go?
  • We will be safe if we beat Watford, it will go down to the last game vs Villa if we do not.
  • You can see Bournemouth catching us in terms of points and GD?
  • I can’t see Villa getting 5 points more than us in the last 3 games. Yeah they won today, but they are not consistent or particularly good, and I really think they will go. Maybe they’ll surprise me, but the way we played yesterday makes me think we’ll get at least four more points
  • Villa played a Palace side today that was already on the beach. I wouldn't read too much into their win today.
    Next up they're away to Everton and then home to Arsenal from which they need to get 4 points before the game with us becomes a critical decider.
    Honestly can't see it happening having watched them today, and besides, after we beat Watford and ManU it becomes an elephant. :)
  • Leicester 1-0 up & dominating
  • If Bournemouth do not take anything from this, there is no way, realistically, they can finish above us given their GD, unless they get a result at Man City on Thursday.
  • If Bournemouth lose, the only way than can overtake us (even if we don't get another point) is to get 5 points from Everton, Southampton and Man City.

    I can't see it, tbh.

  • Mrs G they’d need to get 7 not 5
  • Basically if they lose this & to City, they are down.
  • Fgs Bournemouth equalise
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    2-1 now and a red card for Leicester.
  • Oh dear

    Terrible day for us
  • This is... this is the opposite of what I wanted
  • Someone wants us to go down
  • Im telling ya :) Winner of Watford v West Ham stays up, Loser goes to the final day needing a win ;)
  • Good thing we won yesterday !!
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    Mrs G they’d need to get 7 not 5

    :-( Am I looking at a wrong table?

    Edit -No, looking at Villa. Doh.
  • Those 2 points dropped at Newcastle could harm us.
  • 3-1 now. Bournemouth are looking like the side chasing champions league.not Leicester.
  • Good lord, what is going on?!
  • Those 2 points dropped at Newcastle could harm us.

    Why those? What about the other 22?
  • Those 2 points dropped at Newcastle could harm us.

    Not really. It's been a long old season. The 2 in that game aren't worth more than any other 2 points not earned.
  • Beat Watford its all we need to do :) after that we will be fine !
  • Ridiculous.
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