Crystal Palace vs West Ham(A)KO 3pm Saturday February 9th

Lets hope we carry on from how we played against liverpool when we go to selhurst park.We should be up for this seeing it's a london derby.
Will arnie be playing and will fredericks (who had a good game against the 'pool) keep his
place in the side or will pellegrini decide on the experience of zabaleta.
All these points and more to discuss on the topsy turvy world of west ham. ;wahoo


  • A couple of ex-west ham players there - will they do us a favour, or score against us ;puzzled
  • It wouldn't shock me to see Pelle switch back to a 4-4-2, but I would keep the same team from last night, with the exception of Arnie back in for Hernandez.

    Fabianski; Fredericks Diop Ogbonna Cresswell; Rice Noble Snodgrass; Antonio Arnautovic, Anderson
  • Knowing us we'd most likely lose here

    Same XI as Liverpool injuries permitted, no one deserves to be dropped

    Fred Diop Oggy Cress
    Noble Rice Snod
    Antonio Hernandez Anderson

    Temptation would be to start Zab and Arnie, but as I said nobody deserves to be dropped

    This will be a tricky game, need to go at it with the same intensity as Pool

    Need our full backs to have a good game, Townsend and Zaha are palaces main weapon....let's hope Zaha is still banned for this
  • Thought Zaha was banned
  • Zaha's available. It was 2 yellows, so he only missed 1 game.
  • He has previously been suspended for 5 yellows this season. Doesn't a second ban take that into account? He should also have been pulled up for continuing his 'sarcastic' clapping of the ref after being sent off.
  • Surely Batshuayi is their main weapon for this game..? ;wink
  • Thought I heard something about that ;ok
  • I think it's guaranteed that Bats will score, so that's 1-0 down before kick-off.
  • Same team for me. I like the 3 in the middle with Snodgrass as the LCM & not stuck on the wing with Antonio up front. Antonio is not a forward & Snodders worth ethic & lack of pace is better suited to the centre of the pitch. Arnie needs to be shown he doesn't walk straight back in when fit & Fredericks needs a run of games now that we are almost certainly safe to assess if he will be a long term solution for us. Zabaleta has been great this season but we know what he is about & won't be here forever.

    Palace play a 4-4-2 so I am sure Pelle will be tempted to revert back to that & match them but we are much more solid in the centre with a three. if we are more solid we are more likely to win the game with the odd goal. I think we look much better when we look to play on the break.
  • last game before a 2 week break be nice to get a win here. Palace has usually been a decent hunting ground for us.
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    Zaha should play for Liverpool, he'd fit right in with their over inflated sense of entitlement and never ending use of the victim card.
  • I hope he plays, we foul him all over the pitch and not a single decision goes his way ;devil ;biggrin
  • I think we should all applaud him, in a sarcastic way of course. ;biggrin
  • Surely Batshuayi is their main weapon for this game..? ;wink

    I think it's guaranteed that Bats will score, so that's 1-0 down before kick-off.

  • I think Palace will be in the 'best of the rest' mix by the end of the season. They have a solid squad, know what their jobs are, and now they have a cf. A point will be ok for me...but I'm hoping we dominate midfield and all our chances are taken. 3-2 to the Hammers.
  • imo they are similar to us, in that they could be a lot better given the players they have, but they blow hot and cold
  • Except the evening standard say:

    “However, the Ivory Coast international could be available for Saturday’s match against West Ham as the suspension is not effective while the player considers his right of appeal.”

  • Kouyate out I think
  • Any news on whether Zaha will play?
    If he appeals and it fails is the appeal deemed to be frivolous and the ban increased? ;pray
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    Zaha is available for game ;angry
    Tomkins & Kouyate both out injured.
  • Well at lest those 2 cant score against us ;biggrin
  • Tomkins & Kouyate both out injured.

    You can take the players out of West Ham...
  • These are the games where I most doubt Pelle. Away from home against bottom to middle sides, we’ve put in a lot of dire performances.

    Be nice to see that change today. He has to start getting those games right, IMO.

  • OCS and a ;lol also. Very good.....................
  • 2--1 away win. Oggy from a corner and a Noble penalty. Zaha will score for them cos 1: he shouldn`t be playing and 2: he should have been sent off earlier in this game but the ref, lino, and fourth official all missed his straight red offence. Oh and his goal was also a YARD offside. ;scarf
  • Hate Palace. Can't see us getting anything from it. This has a classic West Ham feel about it. Play out of our skin on Monday then not turn up today. We ain't got the minerals
  • From todays's i:
    "Palace have won only one of their last nine matches against West Ham."

    I think we all know what's heading our way.
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