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Pellegrini Confirmed as West Ham Manager (22.05.18) - already (September) there are doubters



  • I hesitate to say this but do I detect the faint green shoots of an optimism which has been sadly lacking for the past two seasons? ;poormf
  • Certainly having a restructure. Head of medical services, club doctor, head of fitness and goalkeeping coach all gone today.
  • I can sort of understand replacing head of fitness and goalkeeping coach, but why the head of medical services and club doctor? ;hmm
  • That means Lewin has gone?
  • edited May 2018
    Adam, yes.

    Bubbles, the report refers to 'restructuring' so (pure speculation) maybe they are combining both posts. From the titles, it sounds like there could be a lot of overlap.

    Or maybe the new boss wants his own people.

    Or maybe a bit of both.
  • I think we need someone with actual healing powers. That’s the only way to avoid our lengthy injury list, which happens every year without fail.
  • So we need to hire Gandalf the Grey as club doctor then lol
  • Eileen Drewery!
  • We have two Grey's as it is, no need for more confusion.
  • Bit of a grey area do you mean?

  • Changes afoot...

    West Ham have confirmed that Head of Medical Services Gary Lewin, Club Doctor Ian Beasley, Head of Fitness Nick Davies and Goalkeeping Coach Chris Woods have all left the Club with immediate effect. (via @WestHamUtd)
  • The Pellegrini take over in full swing.
  • He should spend some time signing players instead of messing around with the staff. ;footie
  • I'm glad Gary 'who would like a soft tissue injury' Lewin has gone.
  • I can sort of understand replacing head of fitness and goalkeeping coach, but why the head of medical services and club doctor? ;hmm

    Maybe they're connected with the fact that we've been racked with injuries over the last couple of seasons?
  • Perhaps he'll bring back Stevie Bacon.
  • Or of course started each season struggling to break out into a run.
  • The Sun reports a power struggle already, as Pellegrini wants the ex Malaga DoF/DoR/sporting director/whatever but the board (although doesn't say who) are not keen given his recent transfer signings (Malaga got relegated).
  • Not sure the board are in a position to be throwing stones either...
  • edited May 2018
    The manager shouldn't get to appoint the DoF imo - if the DoF is to do a good job, he needs to be separate from the manager, not his chum.
  • Having read the article, it's all a bit speculative.

    However, if the reports are true (he was given January transfer widow to make signings but they all flopped) I share the 'top brass's' reported concerns.
  • edited May 2018
    The DoF should be someone the manager can trust to provide him with decent players.

    Malaga has been in financial trouble for a while, last summer they sold three players for €33m and bought four players for €8.2m. In the January window they sold a CB for €1m, bought another CB for €0.5m along with four loans and three free transfers.

    It doesn't sound as if Husillos was given much money to spend
  • ;hmm

    He's not exactly going to have wheelbarrows full of cash at West Ham, either.

    I'm not saying he's no good (I have no idea) but it needs looking at. What he's done elsewhere, I mean.

    (Just as a manager isn't only as good as his last job, so a DoF isn't only as good as his last transfer window. imo)
  • This is the problem with DOF in general

    They need to be aware of the managers needs so they get players who will actually play.......but they often survive under multiple different managers meaning there needs to be an overall aim/target that must be driving the scouting system from above the manager

    It's a complicated role no doubt, no wonder not all managers like a DOF

    All I know is I want Sully away from trasnfers indefinitely
  • Shouldn’t all of this have been scoped at the time Manuel was negotiating with Sully for the manager’s position??
  • baracks

    There is nothing official to suggest it wasn't.

    It's the Sun, and there is no attributed source or quotation.

    I'm filing it under 'filler' and not worrying about it.
  • Players Husillos either signed or developed through the youth system at Malaga include Isco, Monreal, Juanmi, Jesús Gámez, Caballero, Toulalan, Apoño and Antúnez.
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