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Pellegrini Confirmed as West Ham Manager (22.05.18) - already (September) there are doubters



  • He's got one of those 'been on a bender the night before' faces hasn't he...? ;biggrin

    Reckon if you put him and Bilic in the same Pub the bouncers would be questioning them within the first 5 minutes.
  • Ooooo, next seasons home shirt? ;hmm

    Nooo,ah it’s just inside out ;lol
  • I am really pleased with this appointment, it was completed fairly quickly and with little drama, well done to all.

    I have to believe that he is capable of getting a little bit more out of our current players and will also be a draw in attracting a couple of decent new faces, faces who may not have wished to join us before but may be willing to take gamble on us now.

    As always the proof is in the pudding, DM was far from a disaster for us and I wish him well but I think that most (excluding of course DM himself) would consider the appointment of Pellegrini a step up.

    There have been occasions when I have dreaded an upcoming season but this time, I think that I will have a little spring in my step.

  • Only seen aranguiz for chile but he was very impressive

    Thought he was on a long cintract deal though

    Would be a good move if it seems a little lazy journalism (chile player and Pellegrini)
  • edited May 2018
    IronHerb said:

    Managers watch football 24/7 and what else was going to do in China after doing the 'culture' in the first week ;hmm

    He's probably given sully a near heart attack with a wrong number

    "I need a 2, a 5, a 9, a 27, .................and some prawn crackers "
  • Getting it done early is a massive plus.

    They knew who they wanted paid him the money and signed him...

    Wow easy isn't it...
  • If Little Pea stays, that's a big step forward. If he gets a midfield dynamo, it will be brilliant. If the team defends better by attacking more, it will be far more entertaining. That's my three wishes, O Genie (aka David Sullivan, who suddenly popped out of an old lamp in my attic)
  • Ooooo, next seasons home shirt? ;hmm

    Nah, that's not a kids medium


  • Ooooo, next seasons home shirt? ;hmm

    Nah, that's not a kids medium


    Kids medium ;wahoo
  • Well done to the board for this appointment. I personally thought Moyes did enough to keep the job and looks like he turned the role down. For the board to go out and employ a manager who is step up credit to them. I am guessing Pellegrini is aware of how much his transfer kity is worth before he signed. I hope the board stay true to their word and give what they agree to. Bearing in mind we had 40 mil + profit last year, I would like to think 60 mil is the minimum amount to be spent. If we are including sales of player as well, I would like to think this amount rises accordingly also.
  • ;hmm Attacking more you say ,so instead of losing 4-0 .it will be 4-2 ;wahoo
  • David Sullivan, who suddenly popped out of an old lamp in my attic

    It does seem like this is a different David Sullivan from the usual Director!
  • From looking at his City side, he had players that got involved all over the pitch. I don’t think He will be keen on a luxury player Hernandez.
  • ibl,

    That won't be a problem because Hernandez isn't a luxury player!

    Mr Sullivan states the fans wanted an ambitious manager when what we really were looking for was some ambitious signings. ;ok
  • Do non ambitious managers make ambitious signings? Not sure they do.
  • IronHerb,

    They probably don't, but would you say Big Sam, Slav & Mr Moyes were not ambitious? I think they probably were but weren't given the backing we are all asking for financially. ;ok
  • edited May 2018
    Slav was ambitious, the other two not imo. Talking styles of play here. ;ok
  • I remember one criticism of his City side in the Champions League was that he set them up naively, & they were very open defensively, yet time & again he continued to set them up offensively & they got picked off each time.

    Hopefully he isn't that stubborn with us.

    A few years ago granted but this details why City wanted him

    Particularly like the bit about having creative midfielders without losing defensive shape...and how he unearthed the potential of Camacho who became one of the leagues best DM

    Article also commetns on his tactical flexibility and experiance with teams who had to sell there best players (so he hasn't always had it easy)
  • IronHerb said:

    Slav was ambitious, the other two not imo. Talking styles of play here. ;ok

    Yes towards the end Slav was ambitious, and his ambition would have seen us in the championship imo out of his depth in the end without payet
  • Sorry Cuz but that wasn't the question being asked, and Slav was ambitious all the way through.
  • Seems like they changed kits...

  • Probably Jack's pyjamas ;biggrin
  • IronHerb said:

    Sorry Cuz but that wasn't the question being asked, and Slav was ambitious all the way through.

    And found out tactically imo
  • I watched his youtube tactical masterclass video and it was very basic. I really dont know what to make of him. I rate him higher than Bilic, but not sure if he is better suited to us than Moyes. Wish him all the best.
  • My initial thoughts are that he us a calm and assured manager who I expect would demand respect. I look forward to next season.
  • edited May 2018
    He might not tick each and every last box, however I would still venture to say that this is the highest calibre of manager sully has ever appointed in his time as a football club owner. So well done to him for executing a recruitment process quickly, clinically and well. Meanwhile over in North London they continue to dilly dally...
  • Surprised in a pleasant way........we shall just have to wait and see how this goes.
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