Tutoring Offer (KS2, 3 and 4 English)

I debated for a while about posting this, but after checking it was OK with the other mods I decided to go ahead.

I do online tutoring in secondary English (yr 7-11) and upper primary literacy (yr 5+6). Schools have broken up for summer here in Greece so I've got more availability for the next 3 months ... so I've decided to offer session at reduced rates for site members. If you are interested, on behalf of your own kids, or grand-kids/nephews/nieces then feel free to send me a PM to discuss further.


  • I'm just bumping this because I've got one slot left, so PM if you are interested. But then I'll close it and let football-related discussions proliferate :-)

  • Proliferate
    increase rapidly in number; multiply.

    Am I done, did I pass 😊
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