Next 8 Games

I always used to like this test that Grey ran to give us a decent barometer for what comes next, so I'm taking it over. We have 16 league games til the end of the season, so I'll do this again for the final 8.

Our next 8 league fixtures:

06-Feb - Fulham - A
15-Feb - Sheffield United - H
21-Feb - Tottenham Hotspur - H
27-Feb - Manchester City - A
06-Mar - Leeds United - H
13-Mar - Manchester United - A
20-Mar - Arsenal - H
03-Apr - Wolverhampton Wanderers - A

As always, this is NOT a prediction thread. The question is:

What is the minimum points total, at the end of this run of games, which would make you feel, that'll do?

EDIT: because I accidentally posted 9 fixtures, I’ve now revised my 14 to 12


  • I'll be OK with 12.

    14 or 15 = yay.
  • I see 12. A couple of real tricky ones there. I'd be content with 3 wins and 3 draws, anything above is a bonus
  • I’d go for 12 too. Don’t want to be greedy but I’ve always got room for more.
  • Anything above 12 will be pleasing 14 plus I be renewing my passport for some euro games😂😂
  • I would say 14, based on our performances. We might not win lots of those but we have the ability to get at least a point from every single one of them. Some of those teams might step up but at their current levels and ours, I would be disappointed with too many losses
  • 12 for me ,But of course hope for more .Wolves Leeds ,Arsenal Never really know how They will turn up ,All have had a few off days lets hope they have another against us
  • On current form I think we’re setting our sights too low. I think 18 points would be very acceptable from this set of fixtures.
  • Minimum 14. Hopefully Manchester United won’t beat us three times in the same season. FA Cup 6th round day is the 20th so the Arsenal game will have to be moved. 😉
  • When I went through first time 16 but looking again a bit optimistic so would settle for 12-14
  • DJ Hammer said:

    On current form I think we’re setting our sights too low. I think 18 points would be very acceptable from this set of fixtures.

    Agree. The away games to man city and utd are the only ones we might get nothing from. All others winnable.
  • 06-Feb - Fulham - A - win
    15-Feb - Sheffield United - H - win
    21-Feb - Tottenham Hotspur - H - loss
    27-Feb - Manchester City - A - loss
    06-Mar - Leeds United - H - draw
    13-Mar - Manchester United - A - loss
    20-Mar - Arsenal - H - draw
    03-Apr - Wolverhampton Wanderers - A - win
    10-Apr - Leicester City - H - draw

    12 points. I reckon we might actually get more but I'd take 12 right now. From the same fixtures last year we got 8 points with a gd of 0. I am sure we can do better than that.
  • alderz
    Am I reading this wrong or have you listed the next 9 games (rather than the next 8)?
  • 11 for me too. 3 wins and 2 draws wouldn't be bad from those fixtures imo.
  • alderz
    Am I reading this wrong or have you listed the next 9 games (rather than the next 8)?

    Yes I had but now I’ve deleted one
  • What I enjoy most looking down that list is that there is only one match that I write off, that being City away. The other matches we could take three points from on my view. We wont win them all of course, but just being able to go into them feeling we can win it is enough for me. I will say 13Points from that lot.

    After those fixtures we see the season out with what looks on paper a decent run in. It's too early to hope but we could end up with something to play for in the last games of the season and if we are there about a Euro spot with four matches to go we could get excited.

    Newcastle A
    Chelsea H
    Burnley A
    Everton H
    Brighton A
    West Brom A
    Southampton H
  • Tottenham are scheduled to play on the 18th & 24th February so can we expect our kick off to be moved which may help us?
  • We play Spurs on Sunday 21st at midday so I don't think that will be moved.
  • The fatigue factor may increase the drawn matches. So I'll take 10 points. With 18 from the last 8 . Making 66 points in all. A handy total.....
  • 11 would be ok for me
  • 12 I think. It's probably realistic to write off the two Manchester games, but there's points to be had from all the others.
  • IronHerb, apologies I hadn’t seen that. 👍
  • Satisfied with 14, but expect more.
  • Masuaku starting his fitness training according to Moyes. Could be back in a month so for part of this run. Really good news if it gives us another option for this period
  • Moyes nominated for manager of the month for January. Let's hope he doesn't get it or we'll be lucky to take 6 from that lot...
  • 12 would be acceptable but would be lovely to get more.
  • I think that 12 would be OK, but would obviously like more =)
  • 12, but more would be very welcome.
  • Yep 12 seems right. Delighted with14
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