Top Five Legends of West Ham - for debate

Top Five Legends of West Ham (supporters' version)

1. Bobby
2. Bonzo
3. Sir Trev
4. PDC
5. Geoff

obv loads of others 6-10 but this is about discipline - top five only ---


  • Swiss, hard to argue with that list ;ok
  • Gone for the Premiership era

    No particular order

    T Sheringham
    S Parker
    J Cole
    P Di Canio
    J Dicks
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    The fact that you have 75 views and only two comments points to two probable conclusions

    1) The subject matter is very very difficult to respond to


    2) everyone is pretty much in agreement with the initial result

    For me the top four are pretty much cast in stone, I could possibly live with Tony C, or Julian knocking Geoff out of fifth spot, please discuss.

    Only other angle worthy of thinking about are our managers, is there room for John Lyle and/or Greenwood in your list of legends, IMO, possibly, but not top five
  • Yep,me too re the top 4.
    Possibly Dicks,Devonshire or Frankie Mac for 5th but I certainly wouldn't argue re Hurst being there.
  • I think the top 5 pretty much pick themselves.

    So it's time to murder your darlings.

    Who make the top 3?

    I'd go Bonzo, Sir Trev, PDC

  • Or for those too scared to murder our darlings I suggest placing 5-10?
    I'll give it a first go..

    5. Joolian
    6. Frankie Mac
    7. Budgie
    8. Cottee
    9. Teddy S
    10. Devo
  • 1. Bobby
    2. Bonzo
    3. Sir Trev
    4. Geoff
    5. Devo
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    Rav. Can't have Scotty. Sorry.

    He did his job, like many others. But wasn't West Ham through and through.

    He left, when we needed him, to go to our main 'modern-era' rivals, for his own career ambitions and his childhood loyalties. Which is fair enough, I suppose.

    But loses you your shot at legend status, imo.

  • I'd have ;ccole and Marky Mark on a modern era top 10.

    I think.
  • Great question and if being honest I cant really put Bobby or Geoff in my list as I would be selecting only from hearsay and a rare bit of footage. I have no doubt from that hearsay that they would warrant being in there but if I were going on who I have seen play then.

    Billy Bonds ( Never seen a player with more heart and determination )
    Trevor Brooking ( talented, composed and loyal )
    Paolo Di Canio ( hugely skilful, passionate and slightly insane, great mix )
    Joe Cole ( naturally gifted, loved football and West Ham )
    Dimitri Payet (Quite simply never had better with a football at their feet )

    I know that last one may be a little premature but I don't feel I have seen anyone as gifted play for West Ham and who has excited me about watching more than him. If he leaves in January then obviously he is out however.
  • Personally I would put Geoff Hurst in 4th. 5th is the toughest choice - between PDC and Devonshire.
  • I think Phil Parkes could make the top ten, and one of my faves as a yoof was Alvin Martin, used to play either centre back or left back myself and thought Alvin was a cracking defender. Bobby Moore was just before my time and to me personally growing up in the 70`s West Ham was Billy Bonds and Trevor Brooking. Everything you could ever want in footballers both on and off the pitch.
  • Brooking, Moore, Bonds, Parkes, Devonshire.

    Mrs Grey - I think you're being a bit harsh on Scott Parker, he didn't put in a transfer request until after S&G had tried to get him to move to Fenebahce, Aston Villa and Chelsea (loan). S&G wanted him gone and he'd been told by Capello that he wouldn't get picked unless he was playing in the Premier League. He didn't want to move out of London because he didn't want to uproot his kids so his options were limited.

    Parker gets semi-legendary status for his half time team talk at the Hawthorns
  • Swissiron said:

    Or for those too scared to murder our darlings I suggest placing 5-10?

    I'm a fool - the list starts from 6-- and I've already changed my mind about Budgie Byrne, he wasn't really here long enough either, and is basically a Palace man

    6. Joolian
    7. Frankie Mac
    8. Cottee
    9. Teddy S
    10. Devo

  • Surprised no one has Joey Beauchamp in their legends selections. ;ok
  • As I didn't see Moore play in the flesh so to speak I don't feel I can pick him, so
  • Moore, Finest player I have ever seen and the only Englishman to ever lift the World Cup, and the only one ever likely to.
    Bonds, Gave 100% in every match.
    Di Canio, Most skillful hammer I have ever seen, and like Bonzo gave 100%
    Brooking, probably the most talented and composed of them all.Great servant to
    the club.
    As I can't separate a host of players for the 5th and final place, I will go for Phil
    Parkes who has been our best goal keeper by a long way.
  • Hammerex said:

    Di Bonzo gave 100%

    up until 9 May 2001.

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    Players I've seen:

    Di Canio
    Joe Cole
    Julian Dicks
    Scott Parker
    Mark Noble

    (Ludo + Potts just missing out)
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    No real order

    Di Canio

    (Obviously a couple there are not obvious legends, but it's what stirred up special memories for me)

    Nobes just misses out.
  • In no particular order ......................

    Bobby Moore
    Sir Trev
    Phil Parkes
  • Bobby Moore
    Billy Bonds
    Sir Trevor Brooking
    Julian Dicks
    Tony Cottee
  • My interpretation of 'Legend' means it doesn't have to be someone I've seen. For me, a legend is someone who has left a legacy and someone that is associated with the club beyond the club's own fans and their living memories, so for me it is Swiss' original five.
  • Madcap ;ok
    Agree about Alvin Martin , would make my top 5 with Sir Trev heading the list
  • I think the top 5 pretty much pick themselves.

    So it's time to murder your darlings.

    Who make the top 3?

    I'd go Bonzo, Sir Trev, PDC


    Top three for me would be Bobby, Bonzo and Sir Trev.

  • 1. Benni McCarthy
    2. Marco Boogers
    3. Kieron Dyer
    4. Javier Mascherano
    5. Nene

    (Just a reminder, it could be a lot worse than it is now!)
  • Bobby Moore
    Billy Bonds
    Sir Trevor Brooking
    Julian Dicks
    Tony Cottee

    that's the same for me Wombat
  • A tough one. These players were Legends in my eyes:

    Billy Bonds
    Sir Trevor Brooking
    Alvin Martin
    Frank McAvennie
    Paolo DiCanio

  • Heres 5 you may have forgotten played for us, well they were on the pitch at some point but not very committed

    Van de Elst
    John Radford
    Peter Eustace
    Ted MacDougall
    Dani (similar spelt name, played against Spurs but never heard of again)
  • Ironduke said:

    Ted MacDougall

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