Slaven Bilic named as West Ham Manager (09.06.15)

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Welcome Mr Bilic


  • Official statement just read out on SSN
  • Welcome, Slaven.


  • Overall, I'm cautiously optimistic about this appointment ;ok
  • On BBC too now...

    Slaven Bilic has been confirmed as the new manager of West Ham.

    The Croat spent 18 months with the club as a player and last month left his role as Besiktas coach after they finished third in the Turkish top flight.

    The 46-year-old has also coached Hajduk Split, Croatia and Lokomotiv Moscow.
  • ;wahoo

    We have an actual manager ;champagne
  • Welcome, good luck you have 3 weeks to prepare for your first game XD

    NOW GET US SOME SIGNINGS DAVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Well done West Ham. Some of our last appointments have been:


    Whatever anyone thought of Allardyce it was a step up. Again they have taken it to another level.

    From an international recognition level this will do a lot for our club.

    I'm very proud to have Bilic as our manager.

    Well done.
  • The beaded one has arrived.

    All hail the bearded one.
  • Big Yawn,i told you lot yesterday lunch time,my old mucker stevie Potts texted me the news ;whistle
  • Welcome Mr Bilic.

  • West Ham United are delighted to announce the appointment of Slaven Bilic as the Club’s new manager.

    The 46-year-old will become the 15th full-time manager in the Hammers’ 120-year history, returning to the Club he played for 54 times, on a three-year contract.

  • I wonder what OCS is doing right now ;hmm
  • Hear it first on

    Or rather on the BBC sports update as the case might be ;hmm ;lol

    big big welcome (back) Slaven. Please do this club proud....
  • I see reading the OS he has also got a law degree, could come n handy at our club...

    He still has to get a work permit so not done and dusted yet.
  • Agree Sweepy, ;ok

    Academy membership will be bought and I'll be there for his first home game of the season.....not discounting a eurotrip beforehand though..... ;wahoo

    But to be consistent for me to sing his name, he'll need to earn that...... COYI

  • first task

    With his legal credentials, can he find a way of getting Maiga off our books without paying him off?
  • Former West Ham defender Slaven Bilic will return to the club, subject to a work permit, to take over as their new manager following the departure of Sam Allardyce.

    "I'm really glad to be back with West Ham United," said Bilic. "It's a big challenge and you are competing with the best and what better club to do it with than West Ham.

    "I remember West Ham as a special club. I love these kinds of special clubs. My last club, Besiktas, was that kind of club. It's not about the size - West Ham is big club - there is something special about them - they are a cult club."

    "It is a great place to play and I felt like I was at home. It is a big privilege and a big responsibility to now be manager and I hope that I will prove it to the board, players and fans."
  • Moderator needs to change title Salven Bilic ? is his brother taking over >.>
  • Well he is certainly saying all the right things ;ok
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    Massive risk. No doubt.

    Replaced a man with 20 years managerial experience in England with a guy with 0.

    But an exciting risk.

  • Right,now we have our man,lets all get behind him and let the good times roll ;thumbsup ;scarf
  • If anything, it will put a stop to LGH's nauseating photos of Mcleish
  • No more of a risk than when Wenger Mancini Laudrup Pochetti were appointed to name but a few
  • Slaven ;clap
  • No negative stuff,just positive stuff please ;ok ;scarf
  • If anything, it will put a stop to LGH's nauseating photos of Mcleish
    I somehow doubt that Barack ;weep
  • Welcome back Slaven!
  • A couple of user name changes will be needed

    Obviously IZWT

    Also, will fatbloke now become suavebloke? ;hmm
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