Other Games 6th - 8th May

A normal round of 10 fixtures, spread over 3 days with 5 today, 2 tomorrow and 3 on Bank Holiday Monday.

Today's only really relevant fixture sees Sam Allardyce's first game in charge of Leeds as they travel to Man City. Other matches see Bournemouth host a Chelsea side looking to stop the rot, Spurs at home to Palace, Wolves at home to Villa and Brentford away to Liverpool in the late game.

Tomorrow we play at the very unusual, especially as there are only 2 matches, time of 7pm, with Newcastle at home to Arsenal in the day's other fixture.

Monday sees 3 fixtures which between them feature 4 of the 5 clubs below us. Firstly Leicester travel to Fulham, by far their best chance of picking up points before their all important final game of the season against us; their next two matches are Liverpool at home and Newcastle away. A defeat on Monday could easily see Leicester unable to catch us even if they beat us in the season finale, even if we pick up no further points; a draw for Leicester on Monday could see them overtake us on goal difference by beating us in the final match, especially with goals effectively counting double between the two of us on that last day. A win for Fulham would do us a huge favour, and avoiding defeat would certainly help as well.

The second match on Monday sees Brighton at home to Everton. Hopefully we'll see a Brighton bouyed by their dramatic win over Man Utd on Thursday rather than one tired by their efforts in that game. A defeat for Everton, given their next match will be against Man City, could well leave them needing to win their final two matches against Wolves and Bournemouth to stay up.

The last match of the weekend sees Soton travel to Forest. Soton will surely see this as a last chance saloon, given that they're already 6 points adrift of safety. They need to win all of their remaining 4 matches (barring a huge swing in goal difference) to overtake our current tally, and whilst their survival would seem unlikely even with a win on Monday, Soton could put a big dent in Forest's hopes of avoiding the drop if they manage to take points off their hosts. A draw for Forest might well not be enough, given their next two matches are Chelsea away (yeah, I know, but surely Frank has to get a result sooner or later) and Arsenal at home; a draw and 2 defeats would likely leave Forest unable to match our current position even with a win against Palace in their final fixture.

A routine City win today and then results going our way on Monday could have a big impact on our preparation for the final few matches of the season, regardless of our own result against Man Utd on Sunday.


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    One day at a time, Leeds lose today. We then don’t need to worry about it again until Monday.
  • Leeds 1 down
  • City take the lead against Leeds.

    Chelsea also winning against Bournemouth, and Wolves against Villa.
  • Bournemouth equalise. Poor Chelsea.
  • Leeds 2 down
  • A second for City though 😊
  • steve said:

    Leeds 2 down

  • Gonna need a bigger bus.
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    If scores remain as they are I think Gary O'Neil may find himself out of a job on Monday morning. It can only be a matter of time before the fans begin giving him the 'you don't know what you're doing' chant. The Chelsea fans that is.
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    Who’s Gary Lyons
    I see C&B has changed the name.
  • Wish City would put this to bed ,So I can go for a walk =)
  • Oh dear City
  • City miss a pen ,and Leeds score 2-1
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    I get it and know that I should be selfish, but I could not stop myself from laughing
  • Another of those penalty mess ups. Imagine if they had dropped two points because Halland let the guy try and get a hat trick!
  • Just grateful for that final score.
    COYI tomorrow, let's put this to bed....
  • I'm yelling at the telly ' WHY WASN'T THAT A YELLow.. oh, it was'
  • Liverpool settling nicely back into the top six.

    Stonewall penalty against them not given (our game) and an unbelievably fortuitous one given for them (versus Fulham). It's almost as if someone wants them there 🤔
  • Goalkeeper up ;wahoo ( miss that smiley)
  • Our U21's played Spurs today needing to avoid a 3-0 defeat, which would have relegated us. They lost 1-0 and so Spurs went down instead.

    Every little helps. 😄
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    Ooh look, ref gives a penalty against Arsenal, but VAR sends him to monitor and it's (rightly) overruled.

    And now Arsenal score. =) =)
  • Shearer losing it over overturning the penalty. =)
  • I have Shearer and Wright in the studio…
    Just is so obvious they shouldn’t have pundits involved on games who are so biased.
    Shearer losing it moaning about was it a clear mistake giving the penalty, and yeh, wake up Shearer ..It was…..
    But he’s livid, haven’t seen him so worked up…
    Was never a penalty IMO and correct decision was eventually made…
    Like a little spoilt Geordie brat …
  • To be fair, am enjoying the game, no idea how it remains just 0-1
  • It’s a been a great game , with better finishes could’ve been a much higher score line
  • Chris Kavanagh again - he's not very good at penalty shouts !
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    To be fair, am enjoying the game, no idea how it remains just 0-1

    Martinelli's (via Scharr) fixed it for ya. =) 0-2
  • Great game, might have ended 0-2 but it could just as easily ended 3-5
  • Really gone off Ian Wright recently, I'm sure he's never been as much "We this" and "We that" when talking about Arsenal as much as he has this season.
  • I think he has, but Arsenal got a lot less air time
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