Man Utd Vs West Ham - FA Cup 5th round, Weds 1st March 7.45 Kick off.

I am in two minds about this fixture as it's the FA Cup and it's a sorry state of affairs in which we don't give it a good go, so I am in favour of fielding a full strength team. However the other part of me feels we have little chance of winning this and that the Brighton match on Saturday is probably more important, our Cup is the conference this season and our real need above all else is to avoid relegation. On balance I hope we do field a full strength side and hope United decide to rest one or two as they have a big match away to Liverpool on Sunday, should they do so we may be able to nick it with a bit of luck.



  • Can't say I'm too bothered abou this. I'd say mix it up a bit with regards to the starting line up. Brighton game is more important.
  • Must admit I feel this is third in our list of priorities, so I'm not too bothered if we rest a player or two (not 7 or 8 though, it's the FA Cup not the League Cup).
  • Utd have had a lot of games in Feb (7, I think), and will be off the back of Yeo HUGE games for them. I say go for it, winning is winning and winning breeds confidence.
  • Our reserves do pretty well against their reserves. 😉I think the likes of Scamacca, Lanzini and Fornals will want to make a point in this match. Unless someone gets injured, it's all good.
  • I can’t see him playing the first 11 players. But we may as well get some attacking options on the pitch.

    I’d go something like:

    Johnson - Kehrer - Aguerd - Cresswell
    Fornals - Rice - Lanzini
    Bowen - Scamacca - Benrahma
  • When you look at that team it’s amazing to know that there are ten full internationals in what is not our probable first eleven.
  • Go for it i say. ⚒
  • Live on ITV - not sure I can get ITV as currently in French Alps attempting to not pick up an injury skiing on ice/grass with a light cover of snow. Actually watched the Forest game on bingsports in the back of a car which greatly enhanced a 12 hour journey.
  • The Bay Area where I live in CA has weirdly had snow recently. Its not the French Alps but it was very surprising!

    Football wise, its well known we never beat Brighton and we dont do much better against Utd either. I am not a fan of rest n rotation. More so of continuity and familiarity on the pitch. I say, with 5 subs allowed these days, we play what the management consider our best team for each of the 2 games and we can tinker as needed. That sounds far too sensible for me though...
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    Baz, didn't realise that's where you live, I read this article earlier this morning:
  • Ings is Cup-tied, played in Villa's 3rd round loss to Stevenage but in his defence Villa were winning 1-0 when he went off
  • Baz, didn't realise that's where you live, I read this article earlier this morning:

    Yes, right next to the mountain (about a 5 hour drive from the grapevine mentioned fortunately)
  • I don't think we'll be seeing United's B-team

    They've played 8 games in 26 days, ten Hag started 19 different players but only made 2-4 changes per game so even with Liverpool at the weekend it doesn't seem likely he's going to field a weakened side in the FA Cup.

    Shaw, Fred, Fernandes, Weghorst started all 8 games
    De Gea, Rashford started 7 out of 8
    Martinez 6
    Varane, Casemiro 5
    Dalot, Wan-Bissaka 4
    Sabitzer, Sancho, Garnacho, Antony 3
    Lindelof, Malacia 2
    Maguire, Heaton 1

    On the bright side after Wednesday we'll be able to focus on the league and Europa Conference...
  • Regardless of side, I think there is always an opportunity to beat a side who has only just won a trophy a few days prior. I think it’s more a mentality thing. If we pick a side with enough attacking players, we can cause them issues. Surely Moyes will just go for it a bit. We go out, it’s not the end of the world with relegation battle and ECL. Just don’t go there & play 3-5-2 with Soucek, Downes & Rice in midfield.
  • There’s also a mentality thing of us finally getting a win over one of the big sides. I think he should go at them, but we’ll see.
  • alderz said:

    . I think he should go at them, but we’ll see.

    This is David Moyes we’re talking about 😉🤣😉🤣⚒️⚒️
  • Moyes has seen that many of us are discounting Cup matches from the Manager stats, so knows we don't care about this one ;)
  • So Areola looks like he's going to get a good run with Fab's injury, many on here have been wanting it for a while, just gotta hope he makes the No 1 jersey his own as such, it's a great chance for him to claim it........
  • Lets hope he does not get injured
  • Ten Hag says Fred and Luke Shaw might be left out.

    Tyrell Malacia is the obvious replacement for Shaw

    Marcel Sabitzer replaced Fred on Sunday but Scott McTominay is the other CM option as van der Beek and Eriksen are both injured

    De Gea
    Wan-Bissaka Varane Martinez Malacia
    Sabitzer Casemiro
    Sancho Fernandes(c) Rashford
  • McTominay is a nasty peace of work ,just saying
  • steve said:

    McTominay is a nasty peace of work ,just saying

    Yeah, I always feel he'd have a lot more cards and sending offs if he played for someone other than Man Utd.
  • How weak we going tonight then?
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    Areola, Johnson, Aguerd, Ogbonna, Emerson, Rice ©, Souček, Paquetá, Fornals, Benrahma, Antonio
    Subs: Anang (GK), Cresswell, Kehrer, Swyer, Downes, Lanzini, Bowen, Scamacca, Mubama

    Will be a tough test for his first game at LB for a while for Emerson, but I'm glad he's being tried there tbh.
  • Lukerz said:

    How weak we going tonight then?

    We’re not, is the answer to my own question
  • That's an okay team I guess,looking forward to it .not expecting anything ,Brighton more important
  • Lukerz said:

    Lukerz said:

    How weak we going tonight then?

    We’re not, is the answer to my own question
    Talking to yourself again Lukerz? 🤔🤔🤔😂🤣😂
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    de Gea
    Dalot Lindelöf Maguire Malacia
    Sabitzer McTominay
    Antony Fernandes Garnacho
  • Would love to beat them
  • Just as important is Everton and wolves loose today in the prem
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