Other Premier League Games 3rd to 10th February

First time I've started a thread as far as I can remember, although these days with my memory that means nothing.

Everton v Arsenal, if there were anyone watching this with no knowledge of their relative positions, they would think it was Everton topping the table.
New manager bounce? Same players, new ideas, new formation, new tactics - who'd have thought?
One thing I hate about this game is I want Arsenal to win. >:)


  • @BND, Hope for at least a draw now after Everton have just taken the lead. 😬
  • Everton players' work rate is twice that we saw against us.
    Dyche effect - should've been all over him. ;)
  • Moyes out.All his fault and Antonio obvs.
  • That is why Arsenal MUST NOT win the league, bottlers, and did us no favours ( although the ball is firmly in our own court as such )....IMO
  • Upset already and we still have to play =)
  • @Slacker, Shouldn’t you be saving that comment for later? 😉
  • @Slacker, Shouldn’t you be saving that comment for later? 😉

    I can only comment on what I saw.
    Antonio was yet again nowhere to be seen and as for Soucek ……….

  • And now Wolves lead
  • Dawson scores for wolves
  • Pleased for him.
  • With the way the results are going so far, pressure back on us...gonna be a long struggle IMO. regardless what happens today....
  • Everton beat Arsenal and Wolves 2-0 up against Liverpool! This is not looking good but lets hope it motivates us for our game later. These two scorelines are against league position but if they can then why can't we do the same to Newcastle?

    In all sports an important factor is how a person or team respond to pressure and we have just had the pressure put upon us. Time to show what we have to offer in response.
  • Don't care if it doesn't help us, always felt like you have to look after yourself and now wait on results of others, but I love it when teams best the entitled (cough...big) six

    Also delighted for Big Daws
  • How many goals did Dawson score for us with his feet?
  • So Everton won. Wolves and Leicester leading at the break. Bournemouth holding Brighton.

    Not great for us, so far.
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  • If Everon can beat Arsenal, then that could be a good omen for us........I'll get my coat
  • Bit late to the party but I do love a toffee 🍬
  • 'outstanding' makes a come-back in Brendan Bingo 🤣
  • edited February 4

    Liking this comment too. 😂😂
  • Not PL, but Haller scored his first goal for Dortmund - WHU ex players 👏
  • We shouldve signed him when we had the chance... Oh wait
  • So after all the praise Arteta has received who's idea was it to put Odegaard on Tarkowski at corners? 🤷‍♂️ 😂
  • Crazy play by Rodri gifts Spurs a goal.
  • Weekend ruined
  • Spurs losing to Arsenal and then beating City is very Spurs
  • De Bruyne justifying Pep's decision to bench him for the first half. He looked totally disinterested.
  • Two premium players in Cancelo and KDB... What happened? Anyway, as much as I dont like Spurs winnng, I am glad City lost
  • Spurs giving Arsenal a hand in winning the title is gold
  • Leeds 1-0 up within a minute at Old Trafford, on one of the exceptionally rare times I'm supporting Man Utd.
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